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Contest Rules

Star101 Pays your Power Bill Promotion Rules and Regulations


Contestants must download the STAR101 smartphone app.  In the Menu section of the APP is a link to our entry form.  To be eligible to win in any level of the contest, contestants must fill out the entry form completely.  One entry per email address.  Advertisers, Choice Broadcasting Company LLC (STAR101) radio station employees and first degree members of their families are ineligible to win any contest.

Over the term of the contest, STAR101 will randomly select winners to have their power bill paid for one month. The formula for the one month power bill prize will be based on the formula below for the grand winner prize. The frequency and number of winners shall be at the sole discretion of STAR101.


Contestants agree to enter the STAR101 email club.  No emails will be given away or sold to any 3rd party at any time.


Winners must be over 18 years of age and residents of Guam.  For the purpose of the contest, members of the U.S. Armed Forces assigned on Guam are considered residents of Guam.


The grand winner will be determined by a random drawing to be held at a date, time and location to be announced at a later date on STAR101, the smartphone app and STAR101.GU  Winner must be present to win.  Prize is NOT TRANSFERABLE.


In the event the entry drawn is found to be ineligible, a second random drawing will take place.  In the event the second entry is ineligible the contest will be deemed concluded.  Decisions of STAR101 management is final in all matters pertaining to the contest.   


STAR101 is not responsible for internet, database, network or smartphone app and other related errors which may delay, scramble or lose otherwise valid entries.


STAR101 will pay the power bill of the grand winner based on the following formula:  


AVERAGE monthly KiloWattHours X  effective gross KiloWattHour charge = monthly bill X 12


1000 X $.27 x 12 = $3240

The above average residential power usage and rate information were provided by the Public Affairs Office of the Guam Power Authority and reflects the most recent LEAC (2/17).


STAR101 may, at its sole discretion, pay the winner in a lump sum or 12 equal monthly installments.  Prizes will be awarded directly to the winners and in no circumstance is this promotion to be construed as STAR101 making any direct payments to the Guam Power Authority.


In joining the contest, all contestants signify their acceptance of all STAR101 promo Terms and Conditions and Media Waiver to include, but not limited to, authorizing STAR101 to use their name, voice, image and likeness in photo or other media, in editorial and promotional materials on all its print, electronic, social media and other marketing formats available now and in the future.  Likewise in joining the contest, the contestants for themselves and anyone entitled to act on their behalf, waive and release STAR101, their advertisers and all their representatives and successors from all claims and/or liabilities of any kind arising out of their participation in the contest.  The winners of the contest agree to comply and submit all required tax forms and other related documents.  Valid photo ID is required to claim the prize(s) at the STAR101 radio station.  Other conditions may apply.


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