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Now, on France's Île de Ré (an Island off the country's west coast), seafood lovers can get oysters any time of day from a 24-hour oyster vending machine.
This vending machine was created by Brigitte and Tony Berthelot, oyster farmers who found that customers often wanted oysters well after closing time. Yeah, the idea of eating oysters from a vending machine may make you feel a little queasy, given how long cans of Coke and bags of chips often stay in the vending machines we're familiar with. Thankfully, the Berthelots restock this vending machine everyday, and the oysters are sold closed, so you don't need to be too worried about, say, food poisoning. The vending machine oysters sell for the same prices as they do in the Berthelots' shop, L'Huitrière de Ré, starting at €6.90 (a little over US$8) for a dozen. Plus, if you know you're going to want oysters later, you can even order in advance during store hours via text message. You'll be sent a code that you can put into the machine when you arrive. Plus, if you order in advance, you'll get access to more options with add-ons like pâté and sea asparagus.
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