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Two days after a jury found KATY PERRY's 2013 hit "Dark Horse" infringed on the underlying beat of MARCUS "FLAME" GRAY's 2009 Christian rap song "Joyful Noise," a jury has awarded GRAY and his co-authors EMANUEL LAMBERT and CHIKE OJUKWU $2.78 million in damages.



The jury found PERRY and producers "DR. LUKE" GOTTWALD, MAX MARTIN, and HENRY "CIRKUT" WALTER are liable for $550,000 of the verdict and CAPITOL RECORDS the rest. GRAY and his co-plaintiffs had asked for almost $20 million; CAPITOL argued that the plaintiffs' estimate of the song's revenues of $31 million were excessive, and profits after production and promotion came to about $650,000.


A motion PERRY's lawyers to vacate the judgment of liability on the grounds that no reasonable jury could have ruled that "Dark Horse" infringed on the "Joyful Noise" copyright is still pending.

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