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Blake Watson

The things you have heard about me are all true.

It is true that I lived in a cave for a summer in the hills of the Serengeti after being gifted a wife by a local tribe's leader. It is true that I own three sports cars and rent five and that I taught a horse to read my e-mail for me.

I almost broke the land speed record in 2008. Popular opinion amongst my team was that my beard caused too much wind resistance. I would have shaved it I wouldn't have. Anyway, the women seemed to like it and I was a featured guest at a charity bachelor auction that very night. It seems, I recall, that I brought in over 13 million Lira, which was quite a large sum at the time. But forgive me, I digress.

I fell in love with Micheladas after my short stay in jail in Guadalajara. In fact, I returned every Thursday after I was sprung to play canasta with some of the guards. I express reservations.

I usually avoid the public limelight after my fling with the Princess of Mylonia of Angla caused such a spectacle. But after being bested by William in a vigorous fencing match, it became clear to me that he was not man to say no to, so I accepted. Of course, the 50 cases of lager he delivered to my bungalow didn't hurt.

So, allow me to introduce myself, I am Blake Watson.

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