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Cobra Kai season 3 release date: when is it coming to Netflix? 



In short… sometime in 2021. However, fans of Karate and nostalgia probably won't have to wait too long. While the coronavirus pandemic has hurt most ongoing productions, Cobra Kai Season 3 has already filmed and was going through its finishing touches when the lockdown hit. 

Speaking to CBR, series co-creator and executive producer Josh Heald confirmed that principal photography wrapped before the end of 2019, and the show is pretty much good to go. 

"Thankfully with season 3, we wrapped production before the end of 2019 and we wrapped post-production...I think there was a little bit of overlap," Heald told CBR. "We were still doing some finishing touches for the effects and some quality checks on season 3 while the quarantine aspect of the pandemic was just beginning but we finished our final mix – the last big piece of post-production – that was done in-person with raising champagne and eating cupcakes and all the things you do to feel like you're at your absolute unhealthiest coming out of the completion of a season."

So, Cobra Kai is in the can. As one of Netflix's newest acquisitions, it seems like it's really up to the streaming giant when they want to release Cobra Kai season 3. 

So, the long answer is also 2021. 

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