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There Is Now a "Golden Girls" Breakfast Cereal

If you are a Golden Girls superfan now is a good time to be alive. In the past few years there have been a multitude of products featuring Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia from the classic sitcom.

There is Golden Girls Clue, Monopoly, hot sauces, action figures, and now, cereal. Funko has released a limited edition new Golden Girls-themed cereal available exclusively at Target. The breakfast item not only features an illustration of the Golden Girls cast Funko-fied, but each box comes with a mini figure of Rose.



So far there has not been an explanation of why the cereal is blue, but hopefully it tastes like cheesecake.



In the past Funko has released other cereals inspired by pop culture icons including Elvira, Freddy Krueger, and Beetlejuice.


If you want a box of your own you better have someone sign you out of Shady Pines and get to your nearest Target before Funko fanatics buy them all up. If you manage to snag a box, be like Betty White and instead of milk, eat your cereal with some Jack Daniels.



Men in Thai Village Paint Their Fingernails to Avoid Being Attacked by Ghost Widow

Young men in Pu Hong, a small village in Thailand’s Kalasin province, have started painting their fingernails as a way to fend off an evil ghost who they hold responsible for the recent deaths of several locals.


The bizarre trend became popular after the deaths of five residents of Pu Hong over the last three weeks. The first two men, who reportedly came from the same family, simply collapsed and died on the spot, another victim, a teenage girl died in a motorcycle accident, while the details of the other two fatalities have not been disclosed to the media so far. Instead of taking the high number of fatalities in their village as a tragic coincidence, locals believe that supernatural forces are responsible, and have started taking precautions to avoid becoming victims themselves.



Bussadee Malasee, the 60-year-old psychic of Pu Hong Village, recently told Thai newspaper Sanook that she is convinced the deaths were caused by two ghosts – one of a vindictive widow targeting men, and a so-called ‘pop’, a ghost specific to Thai folklore which supposedly posses people and eats them from the inside. The psychic explained that the widow ghost wants to take men’s lives, while pops usually posses the elderly.

Unfortunately, there’s apparently no way to prevent a pop from possessing you, but men afraid of becoming the ghost widow’s next victim can try to trick it. That’s why many of the young men in the village have started painting their fingernails and posting signs that read “no men live here” outside their homes, to fool the ghost into looking for targets elsewhere.



According to one village elder, some people have turned to the local temple for protection from the ghosts, and many avoid leaving their homes after dark.


Are You Afraid of the Dark? Movie to Tell Original Story

It was only a matter of time before someone brought Are You Afraid of the Dark? to the silver screen. That task has been given by Paramount to screenwriter Gary Dauberman (The Nun, It: Chapter Two), who’s hoping to “honor the darker, scarier tone of the show.”


So, what does that mean? Well, one look at our exhaustive ranking provides plenty of clarity into what’s “darker” and “scarier” about the series, but Dauberman has his own ideas, which is why he’s giving this new Midnight Society a completely original story.


In other words, don’t expect to see a return by the Lunar Locusts. 



“It is a completely original story I came up with, but it still has the Midnight Society and it still has the campfire,” Dauberman tells /Film, easing anyone’s fears that the movie wouldn’t have its most iconic qualities. “It’s still a story being told.” Well, thank god for that.


“That show is so important to me,” he continues. “I didn’t want to age it down too much because for it’s time, it had some really disturbing episodes and some really dark episodes. Not every story the Midnight Society told ended with happily ever after or a person learning their lesson and it will never happen again. I really embraced that side of things and I think it’s been a long time.


“I think fear is healthy for kids, he adds. “I don’t think we have to always sand down the edges of things and that’s something I really wanted to do with Are You Afraid of the Dark. I think it is scary and I think kids will be scared watching it at times, and also they’ll laugh at times. I think it’s got a great message. I think it’s got a great heart to it but it is still scary. I think that’s great. I think it’s going to open it up to a wider audience.”


He’s not wrong, but as someone who just had to sit through his piss poor script for The Nun, arguably one of the worst horror movies in recent memory, he’ll have to really find his inner Gary if he wants to win over this guy again. We’ll see come October 11, 2019.


In the meantime, you can watch the original series over at Nicksplat.


Chance the Rapper's Pizza Horror Film to Hit Theaters for One Night Only

It’s been nearly two years since Chance the Rapper broke news of his starring role in Slice, a forthcoming horror movie about pizza-related murders. Now, the flick is finally set for a theatrical release — for one night only. Slice will land in 21 cities across America next Monday, September 10.
Writer and director Austin Vesely announced the screenings on Twitter, directing enthused pizza and movie lovers to the film’s official website for a complete list of cities and showtimes. The lucky locales that will get a slice of Slice are: Austin; Atlanta; Boston; Brooklyn; Charlotte; Chicago; Dallas; Denver; Detroit; Houston; Los Angeles; Miami Beach; Milwaukee; Nashville; Philadelphia; Portland, Oregon; Raleigh, North Carolina; San Francisco; Seattle; St. Louis; and Washington, DC.
For those in need of a memory jog, Chance the Rapper plays Dax Lycander, “a werewolf who is a former Chinese food delivery driver.” Slice is set in a “mysterious city,” and the story “centers around an enigmatic outlaw framed for a killing spree that targets unsuspecting pizza delivery boys.” This is Chance’s acting debut. Zazie Beetz (Atlanta), Paul Scheer (Children’s Hospital), Joe Keery (Stranger Things), and comedian Hannibal Buress are also among the cast.
Information regarding a wider release from distributor A24 has not been announced. However, Birth Movies Death speculates Slice may be headed straight to video-on-demand sometime around Halloween.


F.B.I. Announces, Dorothy's Ruby Slippers From The 'Wizard Of Oz' Found After 13 Years

The F.B.I. announced they have recovered Dorothy’s ruby slippers worn by Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz after a 13-year investigation led to their whereabouts. The ruby shoes were one of four pairs that Garland wore in the groundbreaking black-and-white to color film and were on loan at the Judy Garland Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Authorities had little to help with the investigation, only knowing that someone or multiple suspects broke into the museum through a back entry door, demolished the clear, plexiglass container where the shoes were house and ran off with one of the most iconic pair of footwear ever to grace the silver screen.
Full details regarding the crime have yet to be revealed and the F.B.I. said there will be a press conference on Tuesday where they will provide more updates.
At this time the suspect or suspects have not been named. It is unknown where the shoes have been for 13 years or if they were kept in pristine condition.
You may see a report from the New York Time about the return of Dorothy’s ruby slippers below.
A spokesperson for the Judy Garland Museum quickly shared their enthusiasm upon learning the shoes were found and would make their return home. The spokesperson shared the following on Twitter. Fans were also delighted in the news and it didn’t take long for many memes, photos, and witty sayings to surface. Some accused the Wicked Witch of the East of stealing them and others pointed to ToTo.
Others suggested the ruby slippers had the power to return home at any time and was simply unaware of it.


'Aquaman' Reveals Official Movie Rating

We’re still about four months away from Aquaman, but Warner Bros. has updated the movie’s official website with the credits and rating.
Just like Justice League last year, Aquaman has been rated PG-13 for “sequences of sci-fi violence and action” but adds “and for some language” as well. 
Zack Snyder is listed as an executive producer along with Deborah Snyder, former DC Films heads Jon Berg and Geoff Johns, and new DC Films president Walter Hamada.
Geoff Johns, director James Wan, and Will Beall have been credited for the movie’s story, with David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick and Will Beall credited for the script.
Aquaman will be released on December 21st.


A Ramen Robber in Georgia Made Off With $98,000 Worth of Noodles

There's a noodle burglar on the loose.
A hungry thief with a craving for ramen made off with $98,000 worth of noodles from a truck at a Chevron store on Georgia Interstate Highway 85 north.
This is the first "ramen noodle theft [that] has ever occurred here [in Fayette County]," Lt. Allen Stevens of the Fayette County Sheriff's Office tells via email.
The tasty goods were being stored in a 53-foot long white trailer parked at the gas station. They've been missing since August 1 and "there are no updates to the investigation," Stevens says.
The brand of ramen noodle has not been specified and, at this time, the sheriff is not aware of a motive.
If a single package of ramen noodles costs $.29 (per ), that means the thief stole more than 330,000 packages. If you ate ramen every day for every meal that would last you over 300 years.
Surely that can't be healthy.
Dr. Frank B. Hu, a professor of nutrition and epidemiology at Harvard, told The New York Times in 2014 that eating ramen noodles is not part of a healthy diet. “Once or twice a month is not a problem," he said. "But a few times a week really is.” 
Hopefully the criminal will come clean—and return the robbed ramen. In the meantime, the Fayette county sheriff continues to investigate the bizarre case of Georgia's missing noodles. 


CNN Will Release an Anthony Bourdain Documentary in 2019

In October, New York’s Food Film Festival will open with the not-yet-aired Lower East Side episode of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown in tribute to the late chef who died earlier this summer.
But CNN, the network behind Parts Unknown, has something much bigger planned. Vanity Fair’s the Hive reports that preproduction has recently begun on a documentary about Bourdain’s life and work. Zero Point Zero, the series’s production company, will also participate.
While CNN execs didn’t share any specific details, the plan is to have the film finished by early 2019 and ready for the film-festival circuit before it hits TV or theaters. (It should be noted that Sundance, easily the be-all-end-all of the U.S. festival circuit, starts on January 24.)
“We just want to make it perfect,” CNN executive vice-president Amy Entelis told the Hive, citing “a hunger to know more about [Bourdain].” “We want to make it exquisite for Tony. We want to do him justice.”


Arizona Man Stole Ambulance to Buy Sandwich, Says It Was Too Hot to Walk

You know that feeling you get when it’s super hot out; that impulse—that burning desire—to steal an ambulance and buy a sandwich? Me neither. However, according to police in Mesa, Arizona, 37-year-old Todd (Tanner) Shell was arrested and jailed last week for doing just that.
Apparently, Shell had just been discharged from Banner Desert Hospital after checking in for a vague, heat-related situation when he decided that it was simply too hot to walk home. So, he did what any rational person would do—hopped into a nearby running ambulance and took off. He made it about ten miles before being overtaken by authorities, who were able to find Shell by using the GPS locator inside the stolen ambulance. Once captured, Shell explained that he was merely heading home to pick up a few bucks for a sandwich, and planned on returning the ambulance from the get-go.
Nobody was hurt during the short, speed-limit-adhering car chase, and officials say the ambulance wasn’t damaged at all. And to be fair, according to, temperatures hit a scalding high of 115 degrees Fahrenheit on the day Shell took the old ambulance out for a spin.
Is that enough of a defense for hijacking an emergency vehicle? Is there a certain temperature that, one reached, makes it okay for people to start stealing ambulances in broad daylight? The answer: No. Had it not been en route to Shell’s home to pick up sandwich cash, that ambulance could have been out transporting emergency patients and effectively saving lives—not to mention all of the more important things the police who took time out of their busy, crime-fighting-packed schedule to catch Shell could have been doing. Overall, though, the whole thing is still pretty funny. (Probably not for Shell, though, who’s facing felony charges of unlawful use of means of transportation and fleeing from law enforcement.)
So, things aren’t looking too good for our ambulance-stealing antihero. But hey—hopefully jail is air-conditioned.


Jeff Bezos Could Send You to Space in His 'Blue Origin' Rocket for $200,000

The future of space travel is amazing. It's especially amazing if you have a cool $200k to spare. And are willing to spend that on letting Amazon founder and billionaire Jeff Bezos tuck you in one of his Blue Origin pods atop a rocket and blast you into the heavens.
It's certain no one expects to become a space tourist for the price of subway fare, but the cost of mid-size house in a small city isn't easy money for most.
But Reuters cites sources with knowledge of Blue Origin who say the price range is definitely in the six figures:
Truth is, Blue Origin isn't a pipe dream.
Bezos's company has tested flights with mannequins and is working toward an autonomous piloting system that will provide piloting and safe landing. Test human flights could come in late 2018.
Jeff Bezos has competition for space as well, from both Richard Branson and Elon Musk. Branson will eventually offer flights on Virgin Galactic for around the same price as Bezos, Reuters reports, and Musk is looking to pretty much populate the rest of the solar system if he can. Space really is the final frontier. It's also terrifying and can kill you within seconds. It does take some serious cojones for any private company to talk about sending wealthy wannabe astronauts in orbit.
The first billionaire to send real people there might seem like the winner, but we'll need to see if he can also bring passengers back alive.  


Kylie Jenner Is About To Become The Youngest Self-Made Billionaire

Kylie Jenner is ready to talk business in Forbes‘ Self-Made Women issue.
The 20-year-old makeup mogul and reality star is on track to become the youngest-ever self-made billionaire, a title once held by Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.
According to the mag, Kylie is worth $900 million – also making her the youngest person on their annual ranking of America’s Richest Self-Made Women.
Kylie‘s company Kylie Cosmetics is worth nearly $800 million and she owns 100% of the company.
Before the company started three years ago, Kylie used some $250,000 of her earnings from modeling gigs to pay an outside company to produce the first 15,000 lip kits but quickly realized she wanted to do it on her own.
“I said, ‘I’m ready to put up my own money. I don’t want to do it with anyone else,’” Kylie told Forbes.
Since then, Kylie Cosmetics has sold more than $630 million worth of makeup, generating an estimated $230 million in net profit.


Here's a New Look at Netflix's 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' Reboot

It was previously announced that Netflix was producing a new Sabrina-focused series that would serve as a companion show to the hugely popular teen series Riverdale. The original 90s Sabrina the Teenage Witch TV show was based on an Archie Comics series of the same name, but was much more wholesome than the “darker” new show, which is said to be based on the Archie Comics series, The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina.
Sharing the poster on Twitter, Riverdale and Sabrina showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa wrote: “Here we go! So exciting…..#Sabrina #Chilling” You can see that tweet and the poster below.
Warner Bros. also tweeted out the image but in the form of a new bag. “The cat’s out of the bag! Official CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA bag for Comic-Con 2018,” they wrote. You can see that tweet below.
Aguirre-Sacasa previously shared a picture of the cat that is set to portray Salem, writing “Ladies and gentlemen, meet #Greendale’s latest resident. All hail, Salem!”
Production on the show began back in February, with Mad Men star Kiernan Shipka cast as the leading role. Speaking of the casting, Aguirre-Sacasa said: “We’re all such huge fans of Kiernan’s work that when we started talking about who this new incarnation of Sabrina could be, her names was on everyone’s wish list.”
He continued: “This is a darker, more macabre version of Sabrina, and we’re incredibly excited for people to see Kiernan make this iconic character her own.”
Archic Comics boss Jon Goldwater added: “I am thrilled that Kiernan is playing Sabrina and have no doubt that she will embody the strength, courage and boldness that has made the character a fan favourite.”


This US$2 million SUV is Something Out of Batman

Besides looking like an everyday version of the Batmobile Christian Bale (a.k.a the Good Batman) drove around, the new Karlmann King is the most expensive SUV to ever hit the market. Only a handful of models are for sale if you've got a spare million or two laying around.
Designed by Chinese firm IAT Automobile Technology, who employed a team of 1,800 people in Europe to bring it to life, the Karlmann King is an SUV built on a Ford F-550 platform with a $2 million price tag—more if you want to customize it. It weighs 4,500 kilograms—6,000 if you get the armored version—and is powered by a gigantic 6.8-litre V10 engine.
The outside of this SUV is built with carbon fiber and steel (or bulletproof material) that gives it a sleek urban army vibe. The inside, however, isn't quite so rugged.
With a TV, espresso machine, mood lighting, gaming console, and champagne fridge, it's got the same amenities as a tricked out stretch limo.
The Karlmann King is a great ride for any rich asshole with an eye for luxury and a penchant for extreme safety. The downside: It only goes 87 mph. Not quite up to the task of saving Gotham.


Japanese Shop Sells Shaved Ice So Tall You Can't Eat It Sitting Down

Shaved Ice is a really popular dessert in Japan, so you can find it pretty much everywhere, but if you’re looking for the craziest, most outrageous shaved ice treat in the country, you have to go to Hyakusho Udon, in Miyazaki Prefecture. The only catch is that you’ll probably have to eat it standing up.
No, Hyakusho Udon doesn’t have a standing up policy, it’s just that their famous shaved ice desserts are so incredibly tall that it’s almost impossible to eat them with a spoon while sitting down. Just reaching the top of the colorful, syrup-soaked dessert with the spoon is a huge challenge for most people, and then there’s the risk of causing the tower of refreshing goodness to come tumbling down by mistake. Standing up is definitely the safe way to go, and considering you’re getting a lot more than your money’s worth, it’s a decent compromise.
The guys at Japanese news site SoraNews24 recently visited Hyakusho Udon to investigate why people why people couldn’t stop praising their shaved ice. As the name suggests, the place is primarily a udon restaurant, but in summertime, its unique shaved ice towers of goodness become the main attraction. The syrup and condensed milk treats come in two sizes, small and medium, only they can be a bit misleading, especially if this is your first time visiting the place.
Priced at just 590 yen ($5.30) – which SoraNews24 reports is “a reasonably normal price for shaved ice at a sit-down restaurant” – the medium shaved ice dessert is actually an edible monstrosity that stands over 2 feet tall. My first thought was that it looked like a miniature tower, and it turns out that it was actually inspired by the Tokyo Skytree. The actual building measures 634 meters, so Hyakusho Udon thought it would be a good idea to make their shaved ice version 634 mm tall.
The colorful shaved ice towers at Hyakusho Udon are too tall to be served in regular bowls, so the restaurant uses extra-large ones that they normally use as chopstick holders. Even so, the treats looks pretty unstable, like their a couple of degrees Celsius from toppling over. After the shaved ice is stacked onto the large bowl, it is smothered in flavored syrups and drizzled with condensed milk. SoraNews24 claims they’re pretty good, but finishing one just by yourself is obviously quite the challenge and involves a lot of brain freeze, so this is one of those desserts that’s best enjoyed with friends.


'Jersey Shore' Star Ronnie's Girlfriend Arrested After Allegedly Dragging Him with Car

Jersey Shore star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and his girlfriend Jen Harley always find ways to make headlines, but this might be the most violent of their public altercations yet. After the couple very publicly split during a dramatic Instagram Live session, during which Jen spat at Ronnie, the two made-up two weeks later. Now, it seems, the two have run into problems again.
As TMZ reports, Jen Harley has been arrested for domestic battery after she allegedly dragged Ronnie by driving away while he was hanging out of car. While driving home from a BBQ in Vegas this last Sunday (June 24), the two got into a pretty heated argument. Sources close to the two claim Jen started hitting Ronnie in the face as they were fighting, which led to him demanding she pull over and let him out. Ronnie got stuck in his seatbelt, but before he could free himself, Jen started to drive off, dragging him behind.
Their 2-month-old daughter, Ariana, was apparently in the car with the troubled couple at the time of the incident. Jen has since been booked for domestic violence at the Clark County Detention Center after she left his face bloodied and bruised. Ronnie apparently also suffered from whiplash thanks to the incident, too.
The two have always been very public with their issues, but considering their background in reality TV it's not the most shocking thing to hear about them. Previously, they were publicly throwing insults at one another on social media, during which Ronnie called Jen a "hoe," while Jen accused him of being a "coke head."


8 Million Bottles of Champagne Will Never Exist, Thanks to a Freak Hailstorm

Cyril Giresse, a winegrower in the Bordeaux region of France, said that hail the size of pigeon eggs rained down on his vineyards on Saturday. After looking at the devastation caused by the 15-minute storm, that must’ve been a huge freaking pigeon. “No leaves, no grapes, just the vines stripped as if the grapes had all been picked,” Giresse sighed.
The Times reports that hailstones totally wrecked 6 percent of vineyards in Bordeaux, as well as 14 percent of the brandy-centric vines in Cognac. The head of the Côtes de Bourg winegrowers’ association said that the damage to the vines could affect wine production for the next two years. He also worried that, thanks to 15 minutes’ worth of severe weather, some growers might be facing bankruptcy.
Bordeaux didn’t need this, not now. The Times explains that last year, frost and hail wreaked their own havoc on the region’s wine producers, resulting in the smallest harvest since 1991. The overall harvest, for all of France, was the smallest since World War II. So no, Mother Nature, this was not ideal.
The storms weren’t limited to Bordeaux, either: according to The Telegraph, hailstorms in the Champagne region damaged 1,800 hectares (around 4,450 acres) of vineyards, and another 2,470 were completely destroyed, ruining enough grapes to have made eight million bottles of Champagne. (Let’s pause here to pour one out for the souls of the mimosas we’ve lost). The loss for growers is an estimated €125 million (US $145 million) in sales that will never happen.
“[S]torm and hail are not unusual phenomena in Champagne, but what is rare is to see them at this very early stage and with this level of violence,” Champagne Committee communications director Thibaut Le Mailloux said. “Three percent of the potential future harvest vanished before our eyes. And it happened at a very bad time, as the vines are only starting to flower this week. Of course, flowers are more fragile than fruit or buds.” (Of course.)
Although the price of Bordeaux wines might increase next year, that’s not necessarily true for Champagne. That region has a reserve system, which allows producers to combine this year’s bubbly with “stocks from previous years.” That means there won’t be a Champers shortage—at least not because of hail.
The region is still strong enough to survive once-a-season storms, but sometimes I do wonder if brunch will eventually do it in.


MGM Close to Bringing Reese Witherspoon Back for 'Legally Blonde 3'

MGM is near a deal with Reese Witherspoon to reprise her role as the precocious, idealistic Elle Woods in “Legally Blonde 3,” and they’ve brought back most of the creative team from the first film.
The pic is coming together quickly. Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith and Karen McCullah, who adapted the Amanda Brown novel for the 2001 first film, are in final talks to write the script. Original producer Marc Platt and his Platt Productions president Adam Siegel are producing, and they will be joined this time by Witherspoon, through her Hello Sunshine banner.
The scribes will begin writing immediately and the next step is to secure a director. Robert Luketic helmed the original pic.
It has been 17 years since the original, and the sequel, “Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde,” came out in 2003. But the film has been a staple for young-female audiences who’ve rediscovered it on DVD or through the hit stage musical that continues to tour. The original grossed $141 million worldwide on an $18 million budget, and the sequel brought in $124 million on a $45 million budget.
The deal gives MGM another branded title, alongside “Creed” and the James Bond films. “Creed 2” is in production with Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone, Tessa Thompson, Dolph Lundgren and Florian Munteanu, and “Bond 25” was just firmed with Daniel Craig returning and Danny Boyle directing the script by John Hodges, and Universal releasing overseas.
They are keeping the plot under wraps, but Deadline is told it will be much in the spirit of the first film, in which Woods’ idealism and pink-dominant wardrobe prevailed over the cynicism and snootiness all around her after the freshly dumped former sorority sister heads to law school. The sequel brought her to DC to join the staff of a congresswoman to pass a bill to ban animal testing. The intention here is to make this more about female empowerment, a message that hits at a fortuitous time in the culture. The feeling is to draw back in the audience that grew up with the original film and find a new global audience.


All of 9-year-old Lil Tay's Instagram Posts Have Disappeared

Lil Tay, the unfortunate 9-year-old Instagram star who dubs herself “the youngest flexer,” is...gone? She may not be gone for good, but as Jezebel points out, all of her problematic Instagram posts have disappeared.
The last footage seen of Tay, following her enlightening Good Morning America interview, came from WorldStar. In the video her face is blurred out, but Tay can be seen inhaling hookah and saying “oh my god” as she exhales. If you’re wondering where this girl’s parents are, well, WorldStar labels the person in the background as Tay’s mother and the hand giving her the hookah as her 16-year-old brother. While the criticism for this kid’s troubling behavior was first aimed toward the 9-year-old herself, over the past month the concerned mob has shifted its attention to Tay’s mom and brother, who seem to be pulling the strings.
It’s unclear, though, who exactly deleted all of the young IG star’s videos and photos where she brags about having a handful of expensive cars, clothes, and curses nonstop (she’s even said the n-word once). While she still maintains her 2.3 million Instagram followers, her avatar and bio have also been scrubbed.
In her interview with GMA, Tay maintained that she ran her own account. "No one is forcing me to do this," Tay said, adding that "it's not true" that her mother Angela Tian "wants to make money" off her and is running her social accounts. "I run my own Instagram,” Tay explained. However, the account bio previously included that it was “managed by management team,” perhaps to adhere to the Instagram’s age policy.
So was it Tay? Her management team? Her mom? Her brother Jason? Who deleted Lil Tay? And how long do we have before she returns?  
I doubt this is the last we’ll see of the young flexer. When asked about the controversy surrounding his sister, and the claims that he was behind her persona, Jason told GMA “a lot of people are going to say this and that, we just keep going.”
Claims against Tay’s brother metastasized when a video of the 9-year-old being coached by someone off camera surfaced. In the video, the person can be heard giving Tay a script and telling her to sound “more ignorant.” DJ Akademiks also came by the Complex offices to expose Tay’s persona as being a concoction of her 16-year-old brother who is trying to recover from his failure as a wannabe YouTube star.
Her consulting team recently said Tay’s still on the come up after all this negative press, and looking forward to several commercial sponsorships and collabs with artists. It’s probably only a matter of time before she returns to once again clog our feeds with troubling content.


"Ninja Squatter" Lives in Woman's House for Six Months Without Being Noticed

The young squatter’s incredible run came to an end earlier this week, when his 90-year-old host’s son came to visit and cook her dinner. During his time there, the man heard some strange noises coming from the second floor of the house, and walked up the stairs to investigate. When he opened the door to one of the upstairs bedrooms, he was shocked to find a young man sleeping on a futon. Instead of losing his composure and confronting the intruder, he kept his composure, simply closing the door very slowly and going back downstairs to ask his mother if she new anything about someone else living in her house. The 90-year-old woman had no idea what her son was talking about, so the man called 110 (emergency number) to report the trespassing.
The elderly woman and his son then casually waited for police to arrive and wake up the uninvited guest. The silent squatter was handcuffed and taken to the police station, but so far he has proven very uncooperative. He has yet to even reveal his name, let alone the reasons for his trespassing or how long he had been sleeping there. Although police have yet to get any relevant information from the squatter, their ongoing investigation has revealed that he had first entered the 90-year-old woman’s home on December 12, at around 7:20 in the morning, and that he had been living there ever since.
The old woman said that she almost never goes up to second floor of her home anymore, and as for any unusual noises, she claims she never heard anything coming from upstairs. Obviously, her hearing isn’t what it used to be, but the squatter must have been quiet as well. What’s really strange though is that the police found the squatter’s shoes at the entrance, but the woman never noticed those either. So far, the ninja squatter has only been charged with trespassing, but that could change if the police manage to figure out what his intentions were.
The story recently went viral on Japanese social media, where most people declared themselves both impressed and creeped-out by the squatter’s ability to remain unnoticed. Others blamed the woman’s son for not visiting her more often, especially at such an advanced age, although there is no mention of this visit being the only one in the last six months. The squatter could have just been out of the house during his previous visits.
Anyway, if you have any uninhabited rooms in your house, maybe you should check them from time to time, who knows what or who you might find in there…


Ed Sheeran Data Breach: Ipswich Hospital Staff Disciplined

Ipswich Hospital said a medical staff member was given a written warning and a member of admin staff was sacked. It said both cases of disciplinary action happened after 16 October, the date on which the singer was admitted to the hospital. Sheeran had broken his right wrist and left elbow. The singer, from Framlingham, Suffolk, told fans on Instagram he had "a bit of a bicycle accident." His injuries meant he had to pull out of a number of dates of his Asian tour. 
Ipswich Hospital would not provide further details of the data breach incident but said in a Freedom of Information response to the BBC both staff members "accessed patient information without legitimate or clinical reason." It said neither were referred to the Nursing and Midwifery Council or to other professional bodies. The hospital previously said it launched a review of care given to "high profile" patients after Sheeran's visit. It said the review covered "confidentiality, privacy of the patient and their loved ones and practical considerations." The BBC understands the singer was asked to sign autographs and pose for photographs by some Ipswich Hospital staff while there.


20-Year-Old Has Been Attacked By A Shark, A Bear And A Rattlesnake In Less Than 4 Years

Dylan McWilliams is only 20-years-old, but he has a lifetime of being attacked by animals. In the span of less than four years, he was attacked by a shark, a bear, and a snake. Dylan might want to take up a nice indoor hobby such as scrapbooking and avoid going into the stomping grounds of creatures that can do him harm.
On Thursday, McWilliams was bodyboarding in Kauai, Hawaii, when he was bitten by a shark. A tiger shark believed to be as big as 8-feet chomped his leg. “I didn’t know if I lost half my leg or what,” Dylan said. “The scariest part was swimming back,” McWilliams said. He was able to swim 100-feet back to shore, but he left a trail of blood and was worried more sharks would come after him. Thankfully, he made it to the beach and the shark bite wasn’t too severe. Dylan was patched up with seven stitches. You can see photos of his gruesome injuries below but you should be warned that they are bloody.
Fortunately for McWilliams, he works as a survival training instructor, which comes in handy since he is always being attacked by animals. McWilliams, who is from Grand Junction, Colorado, was attacked by a 300-pound bear last July while he was camping in Colorado. “The bear grabbed the back of my head and started pulling me and I was fighting back as best as I could,” he told Hawaii News Now. “It dropped me and stomped on me a little bit, and I was able to get back to the group and they scared it away.” Dylan was able to get away after punching the bear and poking it in the eye, but McWilliams ended up needed nine stitches on his scalp after the bear took a swipe at him.
Then three and a half years ago, Dylan was bitten by a rattlesnake during a Utah hiking trip. The bite was not severe and he only took a small amount of venom, but he was ill for several days. “My parents are grateful I’m still alive,” McWilliams said. “I’m either really lucky or really unlucky.” Friends of Dylan, you might not want to participate in outdoorsy activities with Dylan, you should probably just chill and play video games safely indoors.


Fan sues Cardi B, Offset after Met Gala bodyguard 'beatdown'

Giovanni Arnold, 33, filed the suit in state Supreme Court in the Bronx on Monday seeking unspecified damages for the injuries he says he sustained when the famous couple ordered three goons to “savagely” beat him after he asked the “Bodak Yellow” rapper for her John Hancock on May 8.
Arnold claims in court papers he approached the pregnant performer outside the Mark Hotel’s gala afterparty around 2 a.m. He alleges he “expressed his disappointment with being ignored” and then Cardi B and Offset signaled to their hired muscle that they wanted him “to be physically attacked” 
When Arnold responded, “Aw man, for an autograph? Damn, that’s serious,” he says the three men pounced, “punching him and then stomping on his face while he was on the ground.”
As Arnold lay on the ground after the thrashing, he says one of the guys returned “to inflict one last running jump kick on [Arnold’s] head before again scurrying away from the scene.”
According to court papers, Arnold was taken to the hospital for injuries to his “face, neck, back and body” and believes he will be “permanently disabled and disfigured and caused to suffer continuous physical and mental pain and inconvenience.”
He’s also suing the three unidentified bodyguards, the couple’s management company and the Mark Hotel — because its own security guards “watched idly as the melee unfolded.”
After videos of the beat-down went viral, Cardi B wrote in a since-deleted tweet: “If you check my tag pics I take a lot of pics with fans. Some people are not fans & sometimes I don’t want no pics and I simply don’t want people too close cause of [my pregnancy].”
“I don’t know what are people’s intentions sooo I be careful. Why can’t people respect that?” she added.
The “B Careful” star’s publicist didn’t return a request for comment.


Bill and Ted 3: Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter to return for third film, almost 30 years since Bogus Adventure

Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter will reunite to star in Bill & Ted Face The Music - 27 years since the second instalment of the series.
Winter tweeted confirmation they would reprise their roles in the third film as "Ted" Theodore Logan and "Bill" S.Preston Esq - two time-travelling metalheads - posting: "We're tuning the air guitars. £BT3"
"We couldn't be more excited to get the whole band back together again," Reeves and Winter told The Hollywood Reporter. "Chris and Ed wrote an amazing script, and with Dean at the helm we've got a dream team!" Producers announced the new sequel at the Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday. Bill & Ted Face The Music will see the duo dealing as middle-aged men with families who have written several songs, but still have yet to pen the greatest song ever written.
They get a visitor from the future who says their song will save life as they know it. Craving inspiration, Bill and Ted go on a time travel adventure again to find a song that will balance the world again. Bill & Ted 3 will be produced by Scott Kroopf (Limitless), along with Alex Lebovici and Steve Ponce of Hammerstone Studios. MGM's Orion Pictures is set to release the film in the US. Last year, Reeves told BBC talk show host Graham Norton that the film was written and the duo was "supposed to write a song to save the world and they haven't done that. The pressure of having to save the world, their marriages are falling apart, their kids are kind of mad at them, and then someone comes from the future and tells them if they don’t write the song it’s just not the world, it’s the universe."
There is no release date for the film, which is currently in pre-production.


'Tomb Raider,' 'Final Fantasy VII' Inducted Into Video Game Hall of Fame

The fourth class of inductees has been revealed by the World Video Game Hall of Fame, and honorees include heroes of the gridiron, a globetrotting explorer, a 1960s space shooter and one of the most heralded RPGs of all time.
1990's John Madden Football, 1996's Tomb Raider, 1962's Spacewar! and 1997's Final Fantasy VII are this year's selections. Both Tomb Raider and FFVII were on last year's ballot, losing out to Street Fighter II, Halo: Combat Evolved, Donkey Kong and Pokemon Red and Green.
This year's inductees offer an eclectic mix of genres, from sports to classic archetypes that heralded the early days of arcade gaming. John Madden Football launched a franchise of yearly games that has sold more than 100 million copies and is still going strong today. 
Spacewar!, created on a PDP-1 minicomputer by Steve “Slug” Russell and others at MIT, was not a commercial release, but inspired the first mass-market arcade video game from Atari founder Nolan Bushnell, Computer Space.
One her way to becoming a household name, Lara Croft made her debut in Tomb Raider for the Sony PlayStation. The action-adventure game was lauded for its gameplay and 3D visuals, and turned its female protagonist (a rarity at the time) into a gaming icon. The series has sold more than 58 million copies worldwide and has inspired three films, with Angelina Jolie stepping into the role of Croft in the early 2000s and Alicia Vikander donning the boots this year.
Final Fantasy VII is widely regarded as one of the greatest games of all time. As the name implies, it was the seventh in a long-running series of RPG games from Japan, but FFVII was the first to utilize 3D graphics and moved the series forward in a huge way, resonating instantly with North American audiences. The game sold more than 10 million copies, making it the second-most-popular game for the PlayStation.
Founded in 2015, the World Video Game Hall of Fame was established to honor games across multiple platforms — arcade, console, computer, handheld, mobile — that have made a lasting impression on the gaming community and pop culture. Final selections to the hall are made on the advice of journalists and scholars.
Past inductees include Nintendo's 1985 platformer Super Mario Bros., Blizzard Entertainment's 2004 MMORPG World of Warcraft, 1975's Pong, 1971's educational computer game The Oregon Trail and the 1984 Russian puzzle game Tetris, among others.
Anyone can nominate a game using the nomination form on the hall's website.


Failed MH370 Search May Have Solved Mystery Of 19th Century Shipwrecks

The most extensive air-sea search in history failed to find Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, which vanished without a trace in 2014, but it may have solved the mysterious fate of two 19th century sailing ships.
According to a report by the Western Australian Museum, maritime historians believe they have narrowed down the identities of two wrecks discovered as searchers were scanning the ocean floor southwest of Australia looking for the lost Boeing 777 with 239 passengers and crew.
The first wreck is believed to be either the sailing brig W Gordon, bound from Scotland to Australia when it disappeared in 1877, or the barque Magdala, last heard from in 1882 on its way from Wales to Indonesia. A second wreck site is thought to be the barque West Ridge, which was lost with a crew of 28 while sailing from England to India in 1883. All three ships were carrying cargoes of coal. Both wreck sites were discovered during the MH370 search in 2015.
Ross Anderson, curator of maritime archaeology at the museum, says undersea drones photographed the wreck sites and collected coal samples.
On the second wreck, The Guardian writes:
"These are the deepest wrecks so far located in the Indian Ocean; they're some of the most remote shipwrecks in the world," Anderson said.


Sour Patch Kids Goes Mango

There's something so satisfying about finishing a bag of Sour Patch Kids and licking the puckery leftover sugar off your fingers. We can definitely admit that. If you can relate, you've probably tried most of the company's latest flavors on the market — except for one. Sour Patch Kids just brought a brand-new tropical twist to their sour, sweet chews. Mango, which felt like the only fruit taste truly missing from the bunch, has now joined their candy roster.
The new edition was spotted by food blogger, Junk Food Mom, who shared a photo of the candy via Instagram. According to the photo’s caption, the gummies “start out a bit sour and then turn sweet... as they are supposed to. The mango flavor is bold and terrific. Really enjoyed the unique flavor of these.”
The candies come in the shape of real-life mangos, which may feel a bit weird that they’re still called “kids". But, let us remind ourselves that candy fans everywhere have long accepted Sour Patch Watermelon.
If you’re looking to close your eyes and pretend you're somewhere with a beachy ‘scape in hopes that Summer will soon come, these are for you. According to Junk Food Mom, Target has these sweet treats stocked now. We can't wait to get our hands on a bag.


Justin Bieber Reportedly Punched Man Who Grabbed a Woman by the Throat at Coachella Party

Justin Bieber allegedly punched a man during a Coachella party on Saturday. Sources told the outlet that a man grabbed a woman, who could have possibly been his ex-girlfriend, by the throat and refused to let her go.
Bieber attended the event with a friend. The incident erupted as he was talking to other guests when the attacker apparently "went ballistic." Bieber and the friend repeatedly told the guy to let her go; when he refused by screaming in their faces, Bieber hit him, freeing the woman from his grasp.
Some claim the man who grabbed the woman was on the drugs. He was reportedly seen later chasing down an SUV he believed the singer was inside. He was later arrested by local authorities. 
Of course, the alleged altercation wasn't Saturday's main story. Coachella became #Beychella as Beyoncé recruited Jay-Z, Destiny's Child, and Solange to join her on stage.


World's Hottest Pepper Sends Man to the ER With Thunderclap Headaches

For one brave man, eating one of the hottest peppers in the world came with an unexpected side effect: Days of splitting headaches that prompted a trip to the emergency room.
The unusual case, detailed in The BMJ on Monday, began immediately after the 34-year-old man took part in a chili pepper eating contest. He ate a Carolina Reaper, the pepper christened as the world’s hottest by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2013 (though there have been several unofficial challengers to the title since).
Immediately after eating the pepper, he started dry heaving. Then he felt excruciating neck pain that soon radiated throughout his entire head. For the next several days, he would experience short but incredibly painful bursts of head pain known as thunderclap headaches. The episodes got so bad that he eventually visited the ER.
Thankfully, a brain scan didn’t reveal any major neurological issues, such as a bulged blood vessel (aneurysm) or bleeding. But several of his arteries did appear to narrow significantly, a condition called reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome (RCVS).
RCVS is known to cause thunderclap headaches, and can be brought on by reactions to drugs, including cocaine and certain antidepressants. No case of RCVS has ever been associated with pepper-eating, but the main ingredient that accounts for a pepper’s spiciness—capsaicin—is known to interact with our blood vessels, either by constricting or dilating them, the doctors noted. And cayenne peppers have been rarely linked to heart attacks or suddenly constricted arteries near the heart.
“Given the development of symptoms immediately after exposure to a known vasoactive substance, it is plausible that our patient had RCVS secondary to the ‘Carolina Reaper,’” the doctors wrote.
As its name implies, RCVS typically goes away on its own within days to weeks. The man was given supportive care, and eventually his headaches disappeared completely. A brain scan taken five weeks later revealed that his arteries returned to their normal size with no lingering issues.
Medical oddity aside, these record-setting peppers aren’t typically dangerous, save to the pride of anyone who thinks they can easily take them on. Still, the doctors hope their report might help others confronted with a similarly mysterious case of unexplained headaches.


The Weeknd is The Only Starboy, and Wants You to Know It

The Weeknd wants to know he is the real and only "Starboy." And his lawyers are ready to take on any imposters.
TMZ reports the Canadian singer's lawyers filed documentation against Eymun Talasazan, a realtor. Talasazan filed to trademark "Starboy" for his own creative projects long after the Weekend's album and hit song of the same name.
Additionally, 11 days after the Weeknd and Marvel announced a comic book venture entitled Starboy—which will be released this coming June—the real estate agent filed a trademark for a comic book.
According to TMZ, the musician's legal team found Talasazan was up to other shady copyright business. He previously filed to trademark Straight Outta Bombton" and "Runnin' Through the 6." Such details reveal one thing: he's mostly likely in it for the money.
"Starboy" reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart after spending eight consecutive weeks in the slot for number two, Billboard reports. Additionally, "Starboy" is the Weeknd's third song to reach number one on the chart. It was Daft Punk's first-ever time holding the number one slot on the chart.
The musician has since dropped a new six-song project called 'My Dear Melancholy' this past Friday.


Dr. Dolittle Re-Make Announces Cast

The live-action musical comedy recently confirmed that Michael Sheen and Antonio Banderas would have physical roles in The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle opposite Downey's titular character, in addition to news that animal voices would be provided by the likes of Emma Thompson and Spider-Man star Tom Holland.
As it turns out, RDJ was just getting warmed up. On Tuesday (March 27), he unveiled the full voice lineup on Twitter, including John Cena as a polar bear named Yoshi and Octavia Spencer as a duck called Dab Dab.
Others joining the lineup include Rami Malek as Chee-Chee the gorilla, Selena Gomez as Betsy the giraffe, Academy Award winner Marion Cotillard as Tutu the Fox and James Bond star Ralph Fiennes as Barry the Tiger. Check out the full voice cast below:
The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle is a reinvention of Hugh Lofting's beloved children's stories about a physician who suddenly develops the ability to communicate with animals. The first feature adaptation of Doctor Dolittle starred Rex Harrison in 1967, with Eddie Murphy taking over the role in 1998.
Oscar-winning Traffic and Syriana filmmaker Stephen Gaghan is on board as both writer and director of the kid-oriented comedy.
The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle is currently scheduled to open in the US on April 12, 2019.


The Backstreet Boys Want to Make Tequila. But First They Need Someone to Make the Tequila

Do you ever find yourself tossing and turning at night, wondering what the Backstreet Boys are up to, and hoping it’s creating their own celebrity tequila? Then do I have news for you!
In an interview with Tasting Table, the Boys spoke on their love for Mexico’s national spirit and revealed their plans to enter the celebrity booze game. It doesn't seem like a bad idea; Clooney and Co. sold Casamigos for a billi to liquor giant Diageo last June, and in a world like this, who couldn’t use a few more commas in their bank account? Even former *NSYNC rival Justin Timberlake has Sauza 901.
As for the Boys, there's just one issue—they haven't found a partner. Tequila is a highly regulated spirit; legally speaking, it must be "manufactured in Mexico in compliance with the laws of Mexico regulating the manufacture of Tequila for consumption in that country." In other words, until they find someone in Mexico to help them develop, produce, and distribute the stuff, all they’re going to be is incomplete.
More than that, we're already facing an agave shortage, so if A.J., Nick, Howie, Kevin, and Brian are serious about making their foray into the tequila business, they'd better act fast.


Disney Finds Director for Live-Action 'Lady And The Tramp' Adaptation

Disney has tapped The Lego Ninjago Movie director Charlie Bean to helm its live-action/CG adaptation of the animated classic Lady and The Tramp, which, as Deadline first reported, was one of the priority projects for the studio’s forthcoming streaming service that is slated to launch in fall 2019.
The original opened in 1955 and followed an upper-middle-class American cocker spaniel named Lady who meets a streetsmart, downtown stray mongrel called the Tramp, and the two embark on many romantic adventures including the iconic spaghetti dinner scene.
Andrew Bujalski wrote the script for new adaption, which Brigham Taylor is producing.


Fifth Harmony's hiatus 'nothing' to do with Camila Cabello

The girl group - which includes Ally Brooke, Normani, Dinah Jane and Lauren Jauregui - announced on Monday (03.19.18) that they were taking a break from the band to pursue solo projects but an insider has insisted their decision has nothing to do with Camila's departure from the group at the end of 2016.
A source said: ''These girls have been working virtually every day, non-stop for six years. They needed time on their own. They spent their entire teen lives together, touring, recording and promoting their projects. So, they wanted to explore themselves as individuals, as humans. They all decided together that the end of this tour was a natural break and they could use the time to do some solo projects, whether that be albums or something else. They're happy and supportive of each other. There is no drama about this hiatus. Since The X Factor began, they have not had the chance to do anything else but be Fifth Harmony. Camila Cabello leaving the group had nothing to do with this break. They have had a No. 1 album since she left and this is entirely about them taking time to be individuals.''
The 'Work From Home' hitmakers announced the news in a statement posted to social media earlier on Monday.
It read: ''Reflecting on the past six years since we started on 'X Factor', we've realized just how far we've come and we appreciate everything so much, more now than ever. We've really had one hell of a memorable journey together and can't begin to express our gratitude to y'all for coming along with us on this wild ride! After six years gong hard, non stop, we also realized that in order to stay authentic to ourselves and to you, we do need to take some time for now to go on hiatus from Fifth Harmony in order to pursue solo endeavours.''


This Inflatable Irish Pub Turns Your Backyard Into a Bar

It's easier than ever to get yourself to a pub—just order an inflatable one for the backyard. 
The inflatable Irish pub, spotted by Food & Wine, is the adult successor to the bouncy castle. All you have to do is stick it on a patch of grass or a driveway (it doesn’t have a floor) and get ready to party. 
Boston-based PaddyWagon is a full-service pub-themed party caterer, with a cozy inflatable bar that fits as many as 80 people. The company provides Irish food and menus, along with music and entertainment from the Emerald Isle, if you so desire. The pop-up pubs come in multiple sizes, in case you want to host a really intimate inflatable bar gathering in your backyard. 
The beer slingers at PaddyWagon aren't the only ones who will deliver you a blow-up booze fest. Ireland's Inflatable Pub Company rents 33-foot-long blow-up buildings that come in several different designs and are painted to look like traditional pubs—whether with musty brick or timber framing. The temporary saloons cost about $435 to rent and come with a bar counter, benches, and lights. And if you live outside the country, not to worry: If you’re willing to buy one outright, the Inflatable Pub ships worldwide. 
If inflatable isn’t your style, there’s also The Shebeen, a rentable Irish pub on wheels. 


Donald Trump Stashed an Entire Side Salad in His Breast Pocket

From the man who brought you such style and grooming hacks as using Scotch tape to hold a too-long tie together and allegedly slicing the extra skin off his scalp so a full head of hair appears whirled into place comes...a pocket square that looks like a sad salad. That's right: President Donald Trump was photographed in the Oval Office today with a full bounty of greens sprouting from his breast pocket. Ch-ch-ch-Chia!
Word is Trump's been eating a bunch of salad lately—is this one of those deals where Chief of Staff John Kelly told him he couldn't leave the table until he'd eaten his greens? Maybe he hid them in his pocket so he could get back to tweeting? Or could it be that these are the leafy greens the president prodded now-fired secretary of state Rex Tillerson to eat on their recent trip to China? "Rex, eat the salad."
Sadly, none of the above are true. Turns out there's actually a rational explanation for this.
Today, Trump met with the Prime Minister of Ireland for Friends of Ireland Day and, in fact, a picture of the rest of the room would reveal that Ireland's Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has the same garden arrangement growing out of his pocket. The greens are actually shamrocks and it's a tradition every president since the Truman administration has taken part in. Barack Obama did it, too—but his bunch of shamrocks somehow looked a lot more vivacious than Trump's.
It's long been known that Trump's diet consists of fast food and well-done steaks. So it's admittedly a pleasant surprise to see him get this close to anything green.


Ancient Spider With a Tail Found in 100-Million-Year Old Amber

Scientists have just discovered a tiny arachnid frozen in amber. It looks exactly like a spider but with one major difference: a whip-like tail.
The creature has been dated back to 100 million years ago, and according to Paul Selden, an arachnid expert from the University of Kansas, the fossil may be “the missing link from older animals and modern spiders.”
He elaborated: “We don’t know much about the life of this tiny arachnid, but it likely lived in the bark of the resin producing trees.”
Selden even said that the newly-named Chimerarachne yingi, or ‘chimaera spider’, may even pre-date the dinosaurs.
What is clearly different and deeply intriguing about this species, is that while ancient arachnids had tails, they did not have spinnerets. Modern spiders have ditched the tail altogether, in favor of spinnerets.
But this demon of a spider had both.
The tail is a disturbing feature of creatures such as Attercopus which lived 200-300 million years ago. Although, the Attercopus was not a spider.
Scientists are currently studying the spider’s tail, pondering whether its use was similar to that of an antennae.
According to Professor Diying Huang from the Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology in China, the spider probably didn’t spin webs in the way we see today.
“More likely [it secreted] silk on the ground for an early warning function like some recent relatives,” including the South-East Asian Liphistiidae spider.
Robert Raven, a researcher at the Queensland Museum, added: “The crazy thing is that the most primitive spiders still live on the planet, not far from where these things were found in South-East Asia.”
There you have it folks, the gates of hell have been opened. This part-spider, part-scorpion, part-demon may well still be living among us.


Lil Yachty and Halsey Will Voice Superheroes in 'Teen Titans GO!' Movie

Cartoon Network's popular animated series Teen Titans GO! is following in the footsteps of practically every other superhero story these days and diving into the world of feature-length film. This animated movie developed by Warner Bros. will reportedly borrow the voices of two of music's own teen idols: Lil Yachty and Halsey.
The cartoon follows younger versions of the original Teen Titans cast, as DC characters Robin (Scott Menville), Starfire (Hynden Walch), Cyborg (Khary Payton), Raven (Tara Strong) and Beast Boy (Greg Cipes) navigate equally challenging situations like crime fighting and attaining a driver's license. 
The trailer for the upcoming feature film Teen Titans GO! To the Movies gives you a little taste of the sly, meta-commentary that the show expertly infuses into its regular 15-minute episodes. Robin appears speaking directly to viewers, "Do you know what makes a real hero? It's not the costumes, the gadgets, the cool powers; it's having your own movie!" The show regularly pokes fun at common superhero tropes and society's collective obsession with the genre, and the movie will expand on that storyline as the Teen Titan squad ventures to "Tinseltown" in the hopes of meeting famous director Jade Wilson, voiced by Kristen Bell, for their shot at making it on the big screen.
USA Today reports that Lil Yachty will join the cast of voice actors with a cameo as Green Lantern, while Halsey will take on the role of Wonder Woman in the film. Executive Producer Sam Register said, "Every superhero in the DC Universe has an impact on the fans, so we felt a great responsibility to find a voice for each character that would not only suit the role, but the playful tone of the Titans, and we’re thrilled with our cameo cast."
Catch Teen Titans GO! To the Movies in theaters July 27.


Oscar Nominees Receive Pepper-Spray in Giftbags

Every year the Academy Awards give its Oscar nominees a gift bag worth around $100,000. It’s always crammed with luxury trips and items like expensive beauty products and technology. But this year its contents were a nod to the different era that the entertainment industry has entered.
Nestled within the bag that contained vouchers for a holiday in Tanzania for two worth more than $40,000, a six-night trip to Hawaii totaling $3,000, and even a levitating Bluetooth speaker, was a gel pepper spray and a keyring-sized pepper spray.
The inclusion of the products is a significant moment for the entertainment industry—an acknowledgement of the widespread claims of sexual harassment that have dominated headlines over the last six months, ever since allegations of movie producer Harvey Weinstein’s decades of abuse, intimidation, harassment, and rape came to light.
Following the revelations, the #MeToo movement became a loud platform for those calling out harassment and abuse across the entertainment industry, as well as many others. It led to Time magazine anointing those who gave power to the movement as “Person of the Year” as part of the “The Silence Breakers.”
Later the #TimesUp campaign moved on the cause by creating a legal defense fund that helps financially support those who have experienced sexual harassment, assault, or abuse in the workplace. During the the Golden Globes and Baftas, many actors and actresses turned up in black outfits to raise awareness, as did some to Sunday night’s Oscars.


'03 Bonnie and Clyde Are Back On Tour Together

Shortly after an "On the Run 2" tour date appeared (and then disappeared) on Bey's Facebook on Monday, a source tells E! News that the couple is indeed going on tour together again.
"They are scheduled to go on tour together," the insider shares. "This should happen before the end of the year if everything goes as planned. This is something they are really looking forward to."
This chapter in the couple's lives "is the strongest they ever been and they feel it will be an epic experience," the source tells us, adding that their three kids will be going on tour with them.
In addition to the tour, Bey and Jay have also been working on music together, according to the source.
"They have been working on new music together that will be included in their tour," the source shares with us.
While the duo hasn't released an official statement about the tour, People is reporting that the tour will kick off this summer. The concert date listed on Facebook earlier Monday was for July 30 in Philadelphia.


Bellagio Resort Employee Swipes Lobster Tails Valued at Nearly $2,000

SIN CITY: THE LAND OF casinos, lax open container laws, and, apparently, lurid crustacean theft.
Earlier this week, a cook at the Bellagio resort and casino was nabbed with nearly $2,000 worth of lobster tails. Security at the resort had seen Alex Hernandez, 49, stuffing the 25 lobster tails into his backpack and then exiting through the back door. The tails were valued at a whopping $75 each.
Hernandez was eventually arrested by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police then booked into the Clark County Detention Center. He faces one count of embezzlement for stealing the tails.
The lucrative theft attempt comes at a time when the United States’ premiere lobster hub, Maine, faces its lowest lobster catch rates since 2011. But, on the bright side, it looks like the anatomically-appropriate lobster emoji is happening after all.


Try the Chips of the Future, Today

THE UNITED NATIONS PREDICTED IT, cutlery designers are banking on it, and 10 out of 10 Caras certainly agree: In 50 years, we’re all gonna be eating bugs.
If you want some practice—or are just looking for a unique snack to offer your friends—you might want to spring for some Chirps Cricket Protein Chips.
Chirps are a good gateway food. Rather than forcing you to go full bug right away, they’re made out of about 10% cricket flour (the rest is corn, beans, and chia seeds). They also look and feel like your standard salsa vehicle, although they’ve got a bit more heft to them, as well as a slightly nutty taste. Thanks to the protein, I find they also fill me up faster than regular chips.
The three-pack contains one bag of each flavor—Sea Salt, Cheddar, and BBQ—and you can get larger quantities, too. Why not stock up? You never know when the future might arrive.


Of Course Barbra Streisand Cloned Her Dog

For an interview with Variety for this week’s cover story, Barbra Streisand had a caption suggestion. She wanted a portrait taken at her Malibu estate with her three dogs to be called “Send in the Clones.”
This wasn’t just a clever turn of phrase. Streisand revealed that two of her dogs, Miss Violet and Miss Scarlett, were cloned from her 14-year-old Coton du Tulear Samantha, who died in 2017. Before Samantha died, Streisand had cells taken from her mouth and stomach.
“They have different personalities,” Streisand says. “I’m waiting for them to get older so I can see if they have her [Samantha’s] brown eyes and seriousness.”
Her third dog is a distant cousin of Samantha’s. A breeder brought the dog, whose mother had been named Funny Girl, and Streisand was smitten. She adopted the new dog and called her Miss Fanny, which is how Fanny Brice’s dresser refers to the character in the movie.
After the clones arrived, Streisand dressed the dogs in red and lavender to tell them apart, which is how they got their names — Miss Scarlett and Miss Violet. All three dogs appear frequently in Streisand’s Instagram feed.


Mobster on House Arrest Is Back in Jail After Sneaking Out to Bakery, Pizzeria

It seems completely unsurprising that a mobster nicknamed “Porky” would be back in jail because he couldn’t resist stopping at a bakery.
John “Porky” Zancocchio, the 60-year-old consigliere of the Bonanno crime family, has been confined to his home after a recent arrest for racketeering. A judge granted him permission to leave his Staten Island home to attend his aunt’s wake, memorial mass, and burial, but he allegedly ventured beyond the funeral home, stopping in at two restaurants and a bakery.
According to SI Live, Zancocchio did attend those memorial events, but he also paid a visit to restaurants Bella Mama Rose and Denino’s pizzeria, along with an “unnamed bakery” in his neighborhood. Zancocchio is a co-owner of Bella Mama Rose, a family-style Italian eatery that he operates with another mobster, Frank Camuso of the Gambino crime family. (As an aside, the Bonanno and Gambino organizations are both among the “Five Families” of the Italian-American Mafia; the Gambino family is the one that John Gotti once ran).
Authorities say that Zancocchio was seen both in front of and behind the bar at Bella Mama Rose, and that he spent a leisurely couple of hours at Denino’s the next day. While walking home, he dropped in to the as-yet-unidentified bakery to “greet some people.”
“Mr. Zancocchio ate at his daughter's own restaurant (Bella Mama Rose), which was within walking distance from the funeral home and where he had previously worked prior to his arrest," his defense attorney, John Meringolo, said. "Likewise, Mr. Zancocchio attended a prayer service lunch after the burial on February 12th. This restaurant is also family-owned and was originally opened by Mr. Zancocchio's grandfather (the father of his deceased aunt) and is currently owned by his cousin [...] After the gathering there, he then returned home within the confines of his release conditions.” Manhattan Federal Judge Alvin Hellerstein disagreed with that interpretation of Porky’s “release conditions,” and ordered that Zancocchio be returned to the Metropolitan Correctional Center.
Zancocchio is currently facing up to 20 years in federal prison on a number of charges related to a racketeering conspiracy, “including extortion, loansharking, wire and mail fraud, narcotics distribution, and conspiracy to commit murder,” according to a statement from US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Porky Z (a name we would never call him to his face) has been sent to prison twice before on charges of income tax evasion.
But we know how it goes: When you’re craving pizza, you’re craving pizza.


Disney donates $1 million from 'Black Panther' to the Boys & Girls Clubs

The Marvel Studios owner is donating $1 million to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America in celebration of "Black Panther's" financial success. The donation will support the organization's youth STEM programs, according to a news release.
Disney CEO Bob Iger said in a statement that it was "thrilling to see how inspired young audiences were by the spectacular technology in the film."
"It's fitting that we show our appreciation by helping advance STEM programs for youth, especially in underserved areas of the country, to give them the knowledge and tools to build the future they want," he added.
STEM — science, technology, engineering and math — are fields that have been a key focus of the Boys & Girls Club. The nonprofit organization provides programs for children with an emphasis on education, future success and general well-being.
The organization will use the one-time grant to establish new STEM centers to serve kids and teens, with a particular focus on Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and Washington.
The centers give children access to hands-on technologies, including 3-D printers, robotics and video production, according to the release.
"Black Panther" has been a force for Disney. The film has brought in $700 million worldwide since its release two weekends ago. Last weekend, it brought in $108 million in the United States, becoming only the fourth film ever to cross that mark in its second weekend.
Disney has donated to the Boys & Girls Club before. Last December, the company announced that its parks division would donate $1.1 million to the organization in central Florida.


Kylie Jenner Disses Snapchat, Facebook Up Billions After

Like everyone else with a smartphone, Kylie is not loving the drastic new Snapchat update. The reality star admitted on Wednesday that she doesn't really use the app (which she once ruled), with a tweet that said, "Sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me... ugh this is so sad."
On the day of the announcement, the Snapchat stock plummeted over seven percent that day, and six percent of that came after the tweet. 
Facebook gained Snapchat's losses, and then some. On the day of Kylie's announcement, Snapchat was worth $22.78 billion. As of the day after the ominous tweet, Snapchat's value drop came to a total of over $1.3 billion after swooping down to $21.40 billion. Value then went up just a bit to $21.41 billion the day after that. On the other hand, Facebook, which was worth $516.83 billion on the day of Kylie's announcement, went up to $519.97 billion the day after and a whopping $532.86 billion the day after that. That is a massive $13 billion increase.


Jamie Lee Curtis Teases "Astonishingly Scary" New 'Halloween' Movie

When it was announced that Jamie Lee Curtis would be returning to her iconic role as Laurie Strode in the brilliant 'Halloween' franchise, fans of the series' interest immediately peaked. Having enjoyed her time in the series and becoming one of the biggest names in Hollywood when the original films first debuted, Curtis went on to return for various sequels, including 2002's 'Resurrection', which saw her character killed off.
Fortunately, that film won't be included in official 'Halloween' canon. Comedian Danny McBride teamed up with writing partner David Gordon Green (who's also directing the flick) to write the screenplay for this new film, and wanted Curtis to get back on board with her most memorable character.
Now, filming on the movie has come to an end, and Curtis took to her social media accounts to mark the occasion with a beautiful black and white behind-the-scenes picture. Showing "three generations" of Strode family members, Curtis promises that the horror will be an "astonishingly scary revisit to Haddonfield." Check out the tweet below:
Curtis isn't the only original cast member making a return, with original Michael Myers actor Nick Castle also jumping on board to send shockwaves through Haddonfield once again. Whether or not he'll be successful in bringing the lives of those he hates to an end however remains to be seen, but we're sure that if this horror becomes a box office hit, it could mark the revival of the 'Halloween' series for the next few years.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Ended Valentine's Week With a Date to Hamilton

It wasn't all work during Valentine's week for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
Though the engaged couple did spend the first part of the week on their first official joint visit to Scotland, the end of the week was celebrated with none other than Hamilton!
Sources can confirm Harry and Meghan surprised the cast when they showed up to watch the Broadway hit at London's West End Theatre on Friday night. In fact, one of the cast members took to Twitter to express how proud she was.
"Was an honor to have Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in to watch @HamiltonWestEnd last night," Leslie Garcia Bowman wrote.
The Director of West End confirmed the pair enjoyed a private visit.
Funnily enough, the play pokes fun at Harry's ancestor King George III, while telling the story of Alexander Hamilton and the founding fathers of America.
Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan have been busy with wedding planning and royal visits, and just today it was announced that the soon-to-be royal was given an official aide—a right-hand woman to help with her busy schedule.
Former Kensington Palace press officer Amy Pickerill accepted the job and will now be an assistant private secretary in Prince Harry's office, working on Markle's official diary and handling any correspondences she receives.


German Lawyer Can't Get Any Work Done Because Someone Keeps Ordering Pizza on His Behalf

Guido Grolle, a lawyer from Dortmund, Germany, was recently forced to file complaint with the local police, because someone keeps sending him pizzas to his workplace. Over the past two and a half weeks, the man has received over 100 pizzas he never ordered, and he just wants the madness to stop.
By the time he gets out of the shower in the morning, Grolle sometimes receives several emails letting him know that the pizzas he ordered will be delivered to his office at lunch. On some days, you can actually see several pizza delivery guys crossing the street to bring the lawyer the lunch he never asked for. This has been going on since late January, and Grolle really has had enough of it.
“It’s really annoying,” he told Ruhr Nachrichten. “You can hardly get any work done.”
The Dortmund man claims he has no idea who’s behind the ‘pizza stalking’. He has no angry clients or rivals, plus, he doesn’t really think a person could pull off so many orders in such a short time. One morning, between 9:20 and 9:47, he got 15 pizza pre-order emails, and he says “nobody can order that fast”.
Suspecting that his computer might be infected with some weird virus, he had it checked by a computer security expert, but nothing suspicious was discovered. He also filed a complaint with the local police, but so far their investigation hasn’t uncovered anything either. So for now, the man is forced to use a filter to make sure he doesn’t get any more pizza delivery emails and shut down his mobile phone during work hours so he can focus on his work without having to take calls from delivery companies.
Guido Grolle has told German reporters that he has so far received over 100 pizzas he never ordered, and that lately whoever is behind this annoying prank has begun diversifying the menu. In the past few days, he has been getting currywursts, Greek food and sushi as well.
The police are treating the case as one of stalking, as it doesn’t qualify as fraud. The potential offender doesn’t have any financial gain, and Grolle has not incurred any financial loss either, as he doesn’t have to accept the food. The only ones who stand to lose anything are the food delivery companies.
According to German law, anyone involved in the unauthorized pursuit of another person in a manner likely to seriously affect their way of life – including the misuse of personally identifiable information and placing orders for goods or services on their behalf – faces a hefty fine or up to three years behind bars.


All That Reunion!?!

All That, the beloved '90s sketch comedy show for kids, staged an epic reunion on MTV2's Wild 'n Out, the sketch and improv show hosted by All That alum Nick Cannon. Former cast members Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, Lori Beth Denberg and Josh Server reconvened to tape an episode of Wild 'n Out that will air during the show's upcoming eleventh season.
All That aired from 1994 to 2005 and launched the careers of Thompson, Mitchell, Cannon, Gabriel Iglesias, Amanda Bynes and Chappelle's Show co-creator Neal Brennan, who was a writer on the show. It lives on as a cherished memory in the minds of '90s kids.
However, part of this memory was tainted in recent years when we learned there was some post-Nickelodeon beef between Mitchell and Thompson, who co-starred on their own All That spin-off series from 1996 to 2000 as well as the cult classic Good Burger. But after one of the All That creators urged Mitchell to mend fences between the pair a few years back, Mitchell and Thompson immediately fell into their old rapport.
Knowing what they've gone through to get to here only makes this adorable All That and Kenan & Kel reunion that much sweeter. You can check more of the pics out on Mitchell's Instagram, but the best one is below.


Lance Bass Confirms *NSYNC Reunion! (Kind Of)

Lance Bass has just confirmed that all of *NSYNC will be reuniting for a public event, but unfortunately, it’s not the reunion you were hoping for.
Bass was leaving Craig’s restaurant in West Hollywood on Monday night with his husband, Michael Turchin, when he was asked about Justin Timberlake‘s Super Bowl halftime show.
He acknowledges the all the fans who want the group to get back together, and then reveals that they actually have a reunion planned when the group receives their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Maybe it’s not the tour we all wanted, but hey, it could lead to something bigger.


Lady Gaga Cancels Multiple European Tour Stops Due to 'Severe Pain'

Lady Gaga has canceled 10 shows in the European leg of her Joanne World Tour because of severe pain, according to the tour's promoter. Live Nation released a statement explaining that the singer is "suffering from severe pain that has materially impacted her ability to perform live."
"I’m so devastated I don’t know how to describe it,” Lady Gaga said in her own statement. “All I know is that if I don’t do this, I am not standing by the words or meaning of my music. My medical team is supporting the decision for me to recover at home." 
Lady Gaga has been open about her battles with fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition which affects the entire body and could lead to chronic fatigue and mood issues including depression, in her Netflix documentary Gaga: Five Foot Two.


Quavo Accused of Attacking Jeweler and Stealing $30,000 Chain at Grammys Afterparty

Things got a bit heated after the Grammy Awards on Sunday for Quavo. TMZ reports that the Migos rapper has been accused of attacking a pretty well-known jeweler, Eric the Jeweler, at a Grammys afterparty at 1Oak in New York.
Eric went to the police on Tuesday to report the incident. According to Eric, he and Quavo were at 1Oak at 4:30 a.m. on Monday morning, when a verbal dispute over money Quavo purportedly owed Eric turned into a fight.
Eric reported to the cops that Quavo and a second man—neither Offset nor Takeoff—jumped him. And when he left the club, his $30,000 chain was gone. Eric filed a robbery report with the police.
“A complaint report for Robbery was filed for a Robbery that occurred on January 29, 2018 at approximately 0430 hours at the address you provided. The 25-year-old male complainant reported he was assaulted by a member of a musical group (Quavious Marshall) and suffered a swollen right eye. He also stated that his necklace was taken during the incident. There are no arrests at this time and remains an active investigation,” Detective Sophia Mason told Complex in a statement.


America's Smallest and Loneliest Town Has a Population of Exactly 1

Welcome to Monowi, Nebraska, population 1. According to 2010 U.S. Census data, Monowi is the only incorporated town in the country with only one resident.
As the only person living in Monowi, 84-year-old Elsie Eiler, is the town’s mayor, clerk, treasurer, librarian, bartender, among other functions. Every year she hangs a sign in the tavern advertising mayoral elections and then votes for herself. Federal law also requires her to produce a municipal road plan annually to secure state funding, and pay $500 in taxes to keep the water and electricity turned on. She also does the required paperwork to keep Monowi’s incorporated status and prevent it from becoming a ghost town.
“When I apply to the state for my liquor and tobacco licenses each year, they send them to the secretary of the village, which is me,” she told the BBC. “So, I get them as the secretary, sign them as the clerk and give them to myself as the bar owner.”
“I’m happy here. I grew up here, I’m used to this, and I know what I want.” Eiler added.
Back in the 1930s, Monowi was a stop on the Elkhorn Railroad with a bustling population of 150, three grocery shops, several restaurants, and even a prison. Eiler was raised on a farm on the outskirts of town and met her husband Rudy in primary school. After graduating from high school, Rudy enlisted in the US Air Force. While he served in the Korean War, Eiler moved to Kansas City to pursue work with an airline.
“I went to work for an airline with the dream of becoming a stewardess,” she told BBC. “I didn’t much care for the city; Monowi had always been home.”
Eiler married Rudy at 19, and they raised two children in Monowi. In 1971 the couple decided to reopen the tavern that had belonged to Eiler’s father. By the time the Monowi Tavern opened, however, the little town had begun its decline. After WWII, rural economies collapsed throughout the Midwest, and entire communities began to disappear from the US heartland.
In 1960 the church held its last funeral for Eiler’s father, and then between 1967 and 1970 the post office and only remaining grocery store shut down. The school closed in 1974. In the mid-70s both of Eiler’s children moved away to find work, and by 1980 the town’s population had plummeted to 18. Twenty years later Rudy and Eiler comprised the entire population of Monowi until Rudy passed away in 2004. “We probably have the record by going down in population 50 percent,” Eiler cheekily told Reuters.
Despite living alone, Eiler says that she isn’t lonely. Six days a week she opens the tavern at 9:00 am and spends 12 hours serving her regulars, most of whom she has known her whole life.
“It’s like one big family,” Eiler said. “There are fourth- and fifth-generation customers coming in. It’s pretty neat when the people you remember as babies are now bringing their babies in to show me.”
Aside from the tavern, there is one other public building in Monowi – Rudy’s Library. An avid reader in life, Rudy’s dying wish was to turn his private collection into a public library. Monowi now has a tiny public library with a selection of over 5000 books and magazines. Eiler, naturally, serves as librarian. A key hangs in the tavern for anyone who wants to check something out, using the honor system to do so. 
When Rudy passed away, Monowi surpassed nearby Gross, Nebraska, (population: 2) to become the only incorporated town in the US with only one resident. In the 14 years since, visitors have come from all over the world to see the town and filled four guestbooks with signatures.
Eiler has five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, from her two children. The closest of them live in Ponca, Nebraska, about 90 miles away, but others live as far away as the Netherlands.
“I know I could always move closer to my children or stay with them whenever I want, but then I’d have to make all new friends again,” Eiler said. “As long as I’m able to be here, this is where I really want to be.”


Cardi B and Offset Playing at 'Competing' Super Bowl Parties

Back-on rap couple Cardi B and Offset will both be at the Super Bowl in Minneapolis — but they’ll play competing concerts on the eve of the big game.
Cardi’s scheduled to perform at Maxim’s annual Super Bowl bash with a lineup including Post Malone and DJ Marshmello.
At the same time, Offset’s group, Migos, will play a hot Rolling Stone Live show with 21 Savage, T-Pain and DJ Cassidy.
Sources reported this week that the engaged couple is going strong despite recent rumors of love on the rocks.
The Rolling Stone Live event with Tidal and Mercedes-Benz also marks the Super Bowl return of David Spencer and Michael Heller’s Talent Resources Sports.
The gurus are also behind Playboy’s Big Game Party with Snoop Dogg.


50 Cent: 'I Forgot' Taking 700 Bitcoins For 2014 Album; Stake Is Now Worth Millions

When 50 Cent agreed to accept bitcoin for purchases of his 2014 album, Animal Ambition, a unit of the cryptocurrency was already worth hundreds of dollars — but the value of those sales has since skyrocketed and the rapper's bitcoin holding is now reportedly worth more than $7.5 million.
"Not Bad for a kid from South Side, I'm so proud of me," 50 Cent wrote in an Instagram post citing TMZ's story about his unexpected windfall. Alongside emojis of a sack of money and a person holding up their hands in a "What?" pose, he added, "LOL."
In an additional comment that could either amaze or exasperate people who would love to find a pile of money, 50 Cent added, "I'm a keep it real. I forgot I did that s***."
TMZ reports that Animal Ambition brought the rapper around 700 bitcoins — worth several hundred thousand dollars at the time and around $7.7 million at today's rate.
The story of 50 Cent's bitcoin windfall is emerging just a few years after the rapper filed for bankruptcy protection under his given name, Curtis Jackson. As NPR reported in 2016, "He says he's broke, but he posted Instagram photos showing piles of cash in a refrigerator."
Back when 50 Cent released his 2014 album, bitcoin was mostly known as a "virtual currency" that was still trying to push its way into the mainstream. The game company Zynga accepted it for some purchases, as did Dell and electronics retailer Newegg — and by the end of the year, so did Microsoft.
On the day the album came out, 50 Cent took part in an Ask Me Anything on Reddit. As International Business Times reports, he talked about accepting bitcoin as a way to "stay with times."
Even in 2014, bitcoin's price was fluctuating wildly, vulnerable to news of government clampdowns and hackers' attacks on exchanges. The currency's value had topped $1,000 in 2013; when 50 Cent's album came out in the summer of 2014, one bitcoin was worth more than $600. Today, a bitcoin is worth more than $11,000. Last month, it nearly reached $20,000.
50 Cent released Animal Ambition through his G-Unit Records, along with Virgin's Caroline Records. His fifth album, it fell far short of the huge sales figures of his first album, Get Rich or Die Tryin'. But in a twist, one partial explanation for that slump — the digitizing of a medium that was once exclusively material — also helps explain why its proceeds are now worth millions, as bitcoin's value has risen to stratospheric heights.
Animal Ambition included songs such as the now-ironically-named "Chase the Paper." 50 Cent described it to Complex magazine as being about prosperity and entrepreneurial energy.
In an update on the album's bitcoin proceeds this week, Complex noted, "50 has proven his business acumen time and time again. It's how he got rich and didn't die trying."


Woman Answers Man's Marriage Advert on Facebook as a Joke, Marries Him a Week Later

When Sophy Ijeoma, a makeup artist from Nigeria, decided to comment on an acquaintance’s Facebook marriage advert as a joke, she never imagined she would marry the man just seven days later, but I guess she underestimated the power of social media.
The day before New Year’s Eve, Nigerian furniture maker Chidimma Amedu decided it was to find a wife. Instead of probing his friends or going on a dating site, he just posted an advert on Facebook, asking all women interested in becoming his wife to reply to his post. It read “Am of age to and I am ready to say I do and I am wasting no time. Send in your applications. The most qualified will be married on January 6, 2018. Application closes 12 midnight, December 31, 2017. I am serious about this… and don’t say you did not see it on time. Goodluck.”
Amedu received a few responses from interested parties, but the one that caught his attention came from Sophy Ijeoma, an acquaintance he barely knew. She was maid of honor at a friend’s when she saw the funny post, and it piqued her interest. She had been Facebook friends with Amedu for about a year but had previously had little interaction beyond occasional likes and comments. Initially, she thought the post was a joke and replied saying: “Am interested, just DM me…lols.”
“I never knew he was serious about the post,” Ijeoma told the BBC. Amedu, however, was completely serious. He sent her a private message, and they began chatting via Facebook messenger. Two days later the couple had their first date at a mall in Ijeoma’s hometown of Enugu, in southeastern Nigeria. Amedu traveled over 500 km (300 miles) from his home in the northern city of Abuja to meet her there.
“It was love at first sight,” Ijeoma told reporters. “He is the most handsome man I’ve ever met, and I liked him instantly.”
Amedu felt the same, and after taking one look at her said, “You’re beautiful”.
After two hours of conversation, Amedu asked Ijeoma to meet his uncle who also happened to live in Enugu. Family support behind one’s choice of spouse is an essential part of Igbo culture.
“We got to the uncle’s house, and he said: ‘Uncle, meet the woman I want to marry,'” Ijeoma recalled. “When I saw him for the first time, I definitely found him attractive, but what I didn’t know how serious he was about marrying me. It was after we met the uncle and his wife, that I realized that this could actually happen and I wanted it.”
The couple decided to keep their momentum and seek the approval of Ijeoma’s family on the same day. Her father had passed away, so it was up to her elder brother to give his blessing, which, somewhat surprisingly, he did. It was official – Amedu and Ijeoma were engaged to be married all within hours of meeting.
“At first, her family thought I was not serious, but I proved to them that I was,” Amedu told CNN.
The couple planned their wedding over the next four days after taking a test to find out if they were medically compatible. Nigeria has a high rate of sickle cell anemia, and couples are advised to compare their genotypes to avoid having children with the condition. All went well, and on January 6, 2018, the couple officially became husband and wife, in a traditional Igbo ceremony. “I am happy that I married him. He is my kind of man,” Ijeoma told CNN.


'The Mighty Ducks' Television Series in Development

The Mighty Ducks may take the ice again as a television series about Disney's underdog Minnesota hockey team is currently in development. The Hollywood Reporter writes that while the live-action series is still a long way from firing knucklepucks, screenwriter Steven Brill – who penned 1992's The Mighty Ducks and the sequels D2 and D3 – and producer Jordan Kerner have concocted a new story about the ragtag youth hockey team.
As there is not yet a script for the project, it's unclear if Emilio Estevez's Gordon Bombay or any of the Mighty Ducks – an alumnus that includes actors Joshua Jackson, Kenan Thompson and Daredevil's Elden Henson – will reprise their roles. It's also unknown whether the series is a complete reboot or a decades-later continuation of the original trilogy.
ABC Signature Studios, a production company under the Disney umbrella, will develop the series, which as of yet does not have a network home, although the Hollywood Reporter speculates it would likely end up on a Disney-affiliated property.
An animated television series about the Mighty Ducks also premiered in 1996 and ran for 26 episodes. The original 1992 film and its sequels were so successful among moviegoers and hockey fans that, upon being awarded an NHL expansion team for Anaheim in 1993, Disney named the team "the Mighty Ducks" and fitted players in similar jerseys as the second film. When Disney sold the franchise in 2005, the team was renamed the Anaheim Ducks.


Die With Me – A Smartphone Chat App That Can Only Be Used When You Have Less Than 5% Battery Left

From Whatsapp to WeChat or Skype, the world has plenty of choices when it comes to messaging apps that connect friends and strangers on the internet. The market is so crowded these days that for a new competitor to even get noticed, they’d have to come up with something completely new. Enter “Die With Me,” a fresh chat app that can only be used when your smartphone has 5% or less battery remaining.
Die With Me allows total strangers with a low battery to log into an online chatroom and converse as they wait for their handhelds to shut off completely. Or, as the developers so poetically put it, to “die together in a chatroom on your way to offline peace.” Using Die With Me requires nothing more than choosing a username and allowing the app to read your battery status. The idea behind the strangely poignant app was to turn the frustrating experience of dealing with low phone battery into a positive one.


Introducing the Sunion, an Onion That Doesn't Make You Cry When You Chop It

If you’ve ever had to chop an onion, you probably know that it’s one of the most annoying cooking experiences. It just fills your eyes with tears and, apart from wearing goggles, there’s not too much you can do about it. Scientists and farmers have been working on a solution to this problem for decades, and they’ve apparently come up with a tearless onion.
Called the “Sunion”, this new vegetable is the result of a natural cross-breeding program that’s been going on farms in Nevada and Washington since the 1980s, which should put consumers worried about genetically-modified produce at ease. It’s supposedly a sweet, mild-tasting onion that doesn’t leave that strong, pungent aftertaste, but what really sets it apart from most other onion varieties is that it doesn’t cause teary eyes when it’s chopped.
When you cut into a normal onion, it releases a volatile compound called lachrymatory-factor synthase, and when that hits your eyes, your body produces tears to reduce irritation. Now, the interesting thing about regular onions is that the amounts of lachrymatory-factor synthase increase the longer the vegetables are stored, so the older they, the more you cry. In Sunions, on the other hand, the levels of that annoying volatile compound drop the more time goes by until it no longer has any effect on your eyes when you cut it.
That’s what Sunion growers are claiming anyway, but reports from those lucky enough to have tried them seem to confirm these claims. The Huffington Post had three of its reporters chop some Sunions, and apparently, none of them shed a single tear. According to the Washington Post, they don’t have the pungency of regular onions and are so sweet that you can eat them “like popcorn”.
So the good news is that tearless onions are now a real thing. The bad news is that they are currently only grown in Washington and Nevada, and even though they are sold nationwide, they are still in relatively short supply. The first Sunion batches hit the shelves of grocery stores in December, but we’ll probably start seeing them in most grocery shops and supermarkets in the next few years, as more people learn about them.


40 Years After Mickey, Minnie Mouse To Get Walk Of Fame Star

HOLLYWOOD, CA — Everything Mickey Mouse did, Minnie did in heels. And now, 40 years after Mickey was immortalized on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, Minnie is getting her due.
Minnie Mouse will be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday in front of the Disney-owned El Capitan Theatre, 6834 Hollywood Blvd. The star celebrates the beloved character's 90th anniversary with the Walt Disney Co. Mickey Mouse received his star on the Walk of Fame in 1978, marking his 50th anniversary.
"Minnie Mouse is a woman of the ages and her iconic status makes her a great addition to our Walk of Fame!" said Ana Martinez, Producer of the Walk of Fame ceremonies. "Generations of fans of all ages have been looking forward to her seeing her bright new star."
A veteran with more than 70 films, Minnie Mouse is one of Hollywood's most prolific characters.
"Minnie made her debut in the Disney classic, Steamboat Willie, and she instantly became America's sweetheart," Hollywood Chamber of Commerce said in a written statement. "For decades, Minnie has delighted generations of fans with her fun-loving, independent personality and timeless style. Her ability to embody a sense of both old Hollywood elegance and grace, combined with girl-next-door charm established Minnie as one of the most beloved animated characters around the world."
Minnie's will be the 2,627th star on the Walk of Fame. She and her beau are far from the only fictional characters to receive the honor. Other Disney characters who already have stars include Donald Duck, Tinkerbell, Winnie the Pooh and Snow White. Additional fictional characters honored on the Walk of Fame include Big Bird, Godzilla, Bugs Bunny, Woody Woodpecker, Kermit the Frog and The Simpsons.
The ceremony will feature Walt Disney Co. CEO Robert Iger and singer Katy Perry. The ceremony is at 11:30 a.m. Monday is open to the public.


Woman Tells 27-Year-Old Son That She Actually Kidnapped Him from His Real Parents While Working as His Nanny

A former nanny in China recently confessed to abducting a boy from her employers in Chongqing and raising him as her own son for the past 26 years. He Xiaoping, 48, from Nanchong, in southwest China’s Sichuan Province, confessed the kidnapping to local authorities, last August. Police have been investigating her story ever since, but are unable to open a criminal case based solely on her claim.
Xiaoping claims that after giving birth to two children and losing both in their infancy, she approached elders in her village for advice. They told her that the only way for her to have a child of her own, would be to raise one from another family. In 1992, Xiaoping went to the city of Chongqing with a fake ID card and found a job as a nanny for a 1-year-old boy. She claims that after working for three days, she took the boy back to Nanchong with her. She named the boy Liu Jinxin after her second son.
The boy is now 27-years-old, but during all the years he’s been with Xiaoping, no one has ever come looking for him. In 1995, after the birth of her daughter, Xiaoping thought about returning the boy to his family, but she feared imprisonment. She kept him and raised him as her son instead.
“I know I have done bad things,” said He in an interview with Chongqing Evening News. “But I have always treated him as my own son, and he has treated me as his real mom.”
Xiaoping said that she was finally inspired her to confess her crime by a TV documentary showcasing an old woman who had spent the past fifty years searching for her lost son. The show moved Xiaoping so much that she told her son the truth and turned herself in to the police.
The woman told reporters that although her son isn’t convinced that she is telling the truth, but he has left Nanchong shortly after hearing her confession and started working in Guangzhou.
“I never thought she was not my mom as she was so good to me,” Liu said. “I don’t really care if they can find my biological parents or not.” Police have entered Liu’s information into China’s database of missing people, but as of yet, there are no matches. Oddly, there are also no police records of a missing boy in Chongqing from 1992. Xiaoping said she will continue to search for Liu’s biological family regardless and has accepted that she will serve jail time when she locates them.
Huang Ziqiang, a lawyer from Chongqing Exceedon and Partners Law Firm, said that if the case is real, Xiaoping could face a sentence of up to five years in jail according to the 1979 criminal law. However, the time limit for such charges is five years, and she would probably not be sent to jail even if she is convicted.
“How can I redeem myself then? Confess to the Buddha?” Xiaoping asked.
The story recent went viral in China thanks to Xiaoping contacting Chongqing Evening News in an attempt to spread the word about her search for Liu’s biological family. The paper published her story last week, and sparked a heated debate on Chinese social media, with many calling for her to serve jail time whether or not she or the police locate the bio-family. Liu, however, does not want to see her imprisoned as he considers her his real mom either way.


Cardi B Lands Her First Movie Deal: Report

It's been a year since Cardi B left Love & Hip-Hop New York, VH1's popular reality series that helped catapult the budding rapper to fame. But after gaining traction with the release of her breakout hit "Bodak Yellow," Cardi is heading back to the screens, this time for her first-ever movie role: According to TMZ, the "Bartier Cardi" rapper inked her first movie deal and will be landing on the big screen very soon. 
Sources tell TMZ that Cardi will begin filming for the movie as early as March. No further details have surfaced about what type of movie it is or who else will star in the film, but earlier this month, Cardi posted a message on her Instagram story teasing that something exciting is on the horizon for her. "My biggest dream might come true this month or next month," she wrote. "Crossing fingers... I talked about this a lot in interviews." Cardi also landed a role on BET's now-defunct TV drama Being Mary Jane last year in the role of Mercedes. 
TMZ also reports that because Cardi had to turn down a few gigs to start filming, the rapper could be making a pretty penny for her upcoming movie role.



Even the Eyelashes Freeze: Russia Sees Minus 88.6 Degrees F

MOSCOW (AP) — Even thermometers can’t keep up with the plunging temperatures in Russia’s remote Yakutia region, which hit minus 67 degrees Celsius (minus 88.6 degrees Fahrenheit) in some areas Tuesday.
In Yakutia — a region of 1 million people about 3,300 miles (5,300 kilometers) east of Moscow — students routinely go to school even in minus 40 degrees. But school was canceled Tuesday throughout the region and police ordered parents to keep their children inside.
In the village of Oymyakon, one of the coldest inhabited places on earth, state-owned Russian television showed the mercury falling to the bottom of a thermometer that was only set up to measure down to minus 50 degrees. In 2013, Oymyakon recorded an all-time low of minus 71 degrees Celsius (minus 98 Fahrenheit).
Over the weekend, two men froze to death when they tried to walk to a nearby farm after their car broke down. Three other men with them survived because they were wearing warmer clothes, investigators reported.
But the press office for Yakutia’s governor said Tuesday that all households and businesses in the region have working central heating and access to backup power generators.
Residents of Yakutia are no strangers to cold weather and this week’s cold spell was not even dominating local news headlines Tuesday.
But some media outlets published cold-weather selfies and stories about stunts in the extreme cold. Women posted pictures of their frozen eyelashes, while YakutiaMedia published a picture of Chinese students who got undressed to take a plunge in a thermal spring.


Cardi B Inspired This Cereal Collab

New year, same Cardi. The New York rapper called out the cereal brand Kellogg on Instagram earlier today by claiming that their latest flavor collaboration sounds like something Cardi herself inspired. 
In the second half of her breakout smash, "Bodak Yellow," Cardi raps, "I go to dinner and steak, only the real can relate/ I used to live in the P's, now it's a crib with a gate/ Rollie got charms, look like Frosted Flakes." Cardi's Instagram post playfully accuses Kellogg of taking the idea to combine the two popular cereal flavors from the verse in her song. She also joked that she wants 2% of sales, and she might have a case because the influence of "Bodak Yellow" is wide and far-reaching. 
Of course, another example of that influence is the case of Christian Louboutins. "Bodak Yellow," which directly references the brand's signature red bottoms, has been credited with boosting Louboutins search results by 217 percent.  Louboutin himself said he was open to meeting Cardi, but there's no announced collaboration in the works.


Quavo Says He Didn't Lose Chips To Drake, But Maybe Some Dip

The smoke is clearing from the college football National Championship game. While sports analysts are debating the ramifications of the University of Alabama’s comeback win over the University of Georgia and other aspects of the exciting contest, the hip-hop world is interested in just how much Drake apparently won from Quavo. Someone captured footage of an amped Drake excitedly letting Quavo know he wants “his huncho jack chips and the dip” after the game in which “his” Alabama Crimson Tide defeated Quavo’s home state Georgia Bulldogs.
People assumed they were talking about money, but based on Quavo’s recent conversation with TMZ, they might be talking about literal chips and dip.
Quavo got in contact with a TMZ Sports reporter who asked how much Drake won, and Quavo let it be known their wager was “just a friendly bet” with no cash on the line. Quavo also flashed some cash to let us know he was still holding – as if there’d be any surprise after a chart-topping 2017 with Migos’ Culture album and being a collab killer all year, most recently on his Huncho Jack mixtape with Travis Scott.
He told the reporter that Drake was talking about being the first to get “huncho dip,” which may be a joke or an ingenious way for him and Scott to capitalize off of their project and get to that snack bag.


Turkmenistan's President Allegedly Bans Black Cars Because He Prefers White

The new year got off to a rocky start for owners of black cars in Turkmenistan’s capital. Reports of black automobiles being impounded without warning or explanation have been coming out of Ashgabat since New Year’s Day. Police started returning the vehicles to their owners a few days ago, but only if they agree to sign a document that obligates them to repaint the cars white or another light color.
As of January 2018, black cars have been made illegal in the city of Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. According to several independent sources, police started towing black cars to government parking lots on January 1st, without even bothering to notify the owners. Most of them learned from parking lot guards or neighbors that their vehicles had been seized by the police, and the government has yet to offer an explanation for the mass impounding of black cars. Sick of waiting for an official announcement on the matter, some car owners contacted the police and were told that they were only allowed to retrieve their vehicles if they signed a document that obligates them to repaint the cars white or a light color.
If this sounds like news you would expect to read on satire news like The Onion, you probably don’t know very much about Turkmenistan. The Central-Asian country banned the import of black cars back in 2015, and customs officials at the time couldn’t offer any explanation for the move other than “white brings good luck”. In November of 2017, government officials were ordered to only drive white cars, so, in retrospect, this most recent ban on black cars in Ashgabat really doesn’t seem that surprising.
But why is black frowned upon and white so revered in Turkmenistan? Well, as RadioFreeEuropRadioLiberty noted in a 2015 article, “white has long been a feature of the carefully constructed personality cult of President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov. The former dentist has draped his capital Ashgabat in white marble, rides white stallions, and makes appearances dressed in white amid white carpets and white flower arrangements.” There’s no place for black in a white utopia, so black car owners have to get with the program.
Unfortunately, the impact of the new rule has hit many black car owners in Ashgabat very hard. Having a car repainted in the country’s favorite color – white – was already very expensive, but after news of the unannounced ban on black spread around the capital, prices shot up even more. “When I came to the car service, I was told that the repainting my car would cost 7,000 manat, but in a week the price would rise to 11,000 manat,” one Ashgabat resident who had his car impounded told Radio Azatlyk. “My salary is 1,000 manat, so even if I save up all of it, I will be forced to spend all my annual income on this paint job.”
While Turkmenistan’s government will probably never officially acknowledge that the ban on black cars was linked to president Berdymukhammedov personal preference, anonymous sources in the government have already told Radio Free Europe that the decision to change cars’ colors was linked to Berdymukhamedov’s love of the color white.


Japan Now Has a Cryptocurrency-Themed Idol Group

Cryptocurrency is still somewhat of a fringe phenomenon, and despite growing immensely in popularity over the past few years, it hasn’t taken off en masse yet. In Japan, a group of young women has set out to change that. Eight teenage girls have been chosen by the Japanese talent agency Cinderella Academy to join the new all-female idol group called “Virtual Currency Girls.” The company chose each member from an already established “zodiac constellation” idol group formed by the same agency.
Each member of the group represents a popular cryptocurrency in the Japanese market. 18-year-old Naruse Rara, the leader of the group, has the alter ego Bitcoin Cash (BCH). 16-year-old Hinano Shirahama represents Bitcoin (BTC), 22-year-old Suzuka Minami is neo (NEQ), 17-year-olds Kanako Matsuzawa and Koharu Kamikawa represent cardano (ADA) and nem (XEM) respectively, and 15-year-old Hinata Kozuki is ripple (XRP). Ami Amo and Momo Aisu, represent Ether (ETH) and monacoin (MONA) respectively.
The young women all sport luchador-style masks emblazoned with their representative virtual currency symbols. The official group website offers an introduction to cryptocurrency, as well as links to each members’ twitter page.
Group leader Naruse Rara released the following statement via the site:
“This unit is not here to promote speculation or investment. Out of the numerous existing virtual currencies, we have carefully selected a handful of currencies that are sure to exist in the future in order to broaden the public’s understanding of them using entertainment as our medium. We are still inexperienced but are working hard to study every day and be of help to you, so please look upon us favorably!”
Virtual Currency Girls intends to put on live performances where they will only accept cryptocurrency for tickets and merchandise.
The Japanese idol phenomenon is nothing new, having begun in the early 1970s. The term typically refers to a group of young women or men who have been manufactured by talent or entertainment agencies into pop stars or bands. The companies hold auditions for anyone, regardless of experience in the industry, so long as they’re young and innocent. Their careers range from singers to actors and typically promote various products in print and on television. The cryptocurrency girls are the first of their kind, however. According to the announcement by Cinderella Academy, the group intends “to promote [through] entertainment that virtual currency is not a tool for speculation but a technology that creates a wonderful future.” 


Rocko's Modern Life TV Movie Reboot Takes On The Horrors Of The 21st Century

Rocko’s Modern Life was definitely one of the strangest Nickelodeon cartoons ever made. It was entertaining for kids but also appealed to adults with jokes that somehow slipped past the network censors, including one episode where Rocko actually works for a sex hotline.
After the return of Hey Arnold, Rocko’s Modern Life, too, is coming back for a new movie. Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling, a one-hour TV film, will air on Nickelodeon in 2018. In it, Rocko and the gang return home after being in space for 20 years, and they have to get used to modern technology.
Just like the original, it sounds like Static Cling will be just as enjoyable for adults as it is for kids, if not more so. 


'Animaniacs' Is On Hulu With All The Original Episodes

Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, everybody’s favorite mouse-dog-bunny hybrid sibling creatures, are coming back to entertain and educate a whole new generation of kids with brand new episodes of Animaniacs. Hulu announced on Thursday, along with Amblin Television and Warner Bros. Animation, a deal to reboot the fan-favorite animated program with a two-season straight-to-series order in 2020. Steven Spielberg will return as executive producer and Pinky and the Brain will also reportedly be returning with appearances in each episode.
News of a possible reboot was first reported in May of 2017, however, details were thin and no network had been attached yet.
Can’t wait that long? In the meantime, Hulu subscribers can revisit all 99 episodes of the original Animaniacs series, in addition, the complete Tiny Toon Adventures series, Pinky and the Brain, and Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain, which are available as of today.
Spielberg said that he was “pleased and proud that Animaniacs will have a home at Hulu,” of the deal. “Together with Warner Bros., we look to bring new audiences and longtime fans into this wild world of Yakko, Wakko, and Dot. I am also excited that the full library of Animaniacs and Tiny Toon Adventures episodes are included in the deal.”
Oh snap, they’ve been locked away in the tower this entire time? Something tells us they are not going to like this Trump guy. Now we have yet another reason to look forward to 2020.


Distiller Makes Booze Out of Wine Spat Out by Strangers at a Tasting Event

An Australian distiller has taken the concept of recycling to a whole new level by taking the spat-out wine at a wine tasting conference and turning it into a spirit aptly named Kissing a Stranger.
Peter Bignell, of Tasmanian Belgrove Distillery, was first struck by the idea at the Rootstock festival in Sydney, a gathering of winemakers from all over the world promoting sustainable practices in the winemaking industry. He was in a group tasting wines, and as per tradition in wine-tasting, the majority of it was spat out in a bucket. This practice enables tasters to experience a lot of different wines while avoiding drunkenness. Bignell, however, saw it as wasteful.
“I hate waste, absolutely hate waste,” the distiller told Helen Shield on ABC Radio Hobart. “That bucket in the middle of the room with all the dregs of the wine and everyone’s spit in it, that’s a waste, that’s going to get tipped down the drain. I said ‘If I took that [spit bucket] home and distilled it and brought it back next year, who would drink it?’ and I think everybody’s hands went up.”
Bignell then arranged with the organizers of Rootstock to collect the wine dregs after the conference, with the aim to distill it. “We got 500 liters of wine,” Bignell told ABC Radio Hobart. “There were bits of bickies and cheese and the odd bit of beer in there.”
Rather than ship the 500 liters of spittoons back to his distillery in Tasmania, Bignell found the nearest distillery to the event and used their equipment to process the dregs. Twelve months later, Bignell had transformed the spit bucket wine into an 80-proof clear spirit called Kissing A Stranger, with a taste comparable to unaged brandy. He brought most of the beverage to the 2017 Rootstock festival, last November, but also left some to age.


“People go around for tastings, they pour quite a bit in the glass, and they have a little sip, and they want to try another one, so they tip it out again,” Bignell told The Guardian. “They are going to collect the buckets again this year and keep making it. It’s all about sustainability.”
The concern exists that drinking distilled spit could be unsafe, but the associate professor in food microbiology at the University of Tasmania, Tom Ross, assured Radio Australia that it should be safe for consumers.
“Mostly what you’d be worried about is transmission of microorganisms, germs,” he said. “But the heat in the distillation process should get rid of most of those. The rest should be fairly harmless because they were foods before you started; [the] only thing that’s been added is the saliva. I don’t think there’s much of a health risk from it.”
Spit has traditionally been used to distill alcohol, and other edible products such as Kava, a Pacific Island beverage made from a plant of the same name that features mild hallucinogenic properties. The enzymes in saliva extract the active ingredients in the plant, making spit a crucial element. A traditional Peruvian corn beer also requires saliva enzymes to turn the corn into fermentable sugars.
Bignell ordinarily produces rye whiskey at his bio-diesel fueled Tasmanian distillery, but he may have just discovered a whole new niche.


Fans Are Losing The Will To Live After Discovering The Actual Price Of Coachella 2018 Tickets

The time is finally upon us. Coachella have announced their full line-up and it's time for us all to be reminded how we'll never be cool enough to actually go.
Headliners The Weeknd, Beyoncé and Eminem will be joined by the likes of French Montana, Migos, Kygo, Cardi B and Jessie Ware. Of course the announcement sent Twitter into complete meltdown... but not necessarily because of the line-up. You see, when the like of Em and Bey are headlining a festival, you just know the price of tickets might be a little more than you first anticipated.
Coachella's official website are selling general admission tickets at $429 a pop with VIP passes at $999!


Thai Man returns home but 7 Months after being CREMATED by his family

A Thai family received the shock of their lives this month when the man they had cremated 7 months before casually walked through the front door as if nothing had happened.


Sakorn Sacheewa, a 44-year-old man from Thailand’s Si Ka Ket province, returned home after two years working on a fishing boat, in a different part of the country. He hadn't contacted his family at all during that time, so he didn’t exactly expect the warmest of welcomes, but being treated as a ghost never crossed his mind either. Only that’s exactly how his family reacted when he walked through the door on December 17, touching him to make sure he was real. He later found out that to them, he had been "dead" for 7 months.



Back in May, Sakorn’s family had been contacted by police in Nang Loeng, where he worked, and notified that he had died of a digestive disorder. They were asked to come identify and pick up the dead body. They traveled to the Phra Nakhon district of Bangkok, where they received a death certificate and later went to pick up the body from the Faculty of Medicine Vajira Hospital of Navamindradhiraj University.


The swollen dead body the family was shown was difficult to identify, but one of Sakorn’s cousins, 33-year-old Nakornchai Pimklang noticed that the cadaver’s teeth didn’t match those of Sakorn, who had two front teeth missing. He mentioned this to an official, who instructed the family to just pick up the body. They did so, taking it home to Si Ka Ket, where they held religious rites for three days, before cremating it.


Meanwhile, the real Sakorn Sacheewa was alive and well, working in Nang Loeng, as he had done for the last two years. A couple of weeks ago, he decided to quit his job and return home, not knowing how shocking his homecoming would be for his family.



After hearing the story of his death, Sakorn said that, at one point, a co-worker from Myanmar stole his identification card and disappeared, but he simply reported it missing and was issued a new one by the local authorities. He never imagined that someone would ever use his stolen card to impersonate him.


Sakorn Sacheewa’s main concern right now is to get resurrected by the Bureau of Registration Administration, which pronounced him officially dead 7 months ago, based on his death certificate. There’s just one problem let for the police to solve now – to find out who the man cremated in Sakorn’s place was. They hope to learn this by analyzing the bone relics left from the cremation.


Pickpocket steals over 50 Phones at a concert using...a women's swimsuit??

A resourceful pickpocket managed to steal 53 smartphones at a concert in Birmingham, England, by using a very unusual accessory – a women’s swimming suit.


Alin Marin, 22, attended a Royal Blood concert at Arena Birmingham on November 18 wearing the black and pink compression suit and a pair of skinny jeans. He made his way to the mosh pit where he was able to steal dozens of phones without attendees noticing. The pickpocket would stash each of them inside the swimsuit, and move on to the next target. At one point, he had 53 phones stashed close to his body!



Unfortunately for Marin, Birmingham police were also mingling with the crowd, as part of a covert operation prompted by intelligence regarding thefts targeting the band’s fans at concerts earlier in the year. They arrested Marin on Broad Street shortly after he left the gig, and recovered the phones from a nearby car park.


“This was organized pickpocketing. Marin went equipped to steal phones and took advantage of revelers enjoying themselves in the standing area,” Birmingham city center Police Sergeant Julia Slater from West Midlands Police said. “Many of the phones were taken from front jeans pockets, which people believe is a safer place to carry valuables, but due to the jostling in the mosh pit, they simply didn’t realize they’d been targeted. He slipped phones inside the swimsuit and effectively turned himself into a deposit box for the phones, allowing him to carry tens of phones concealed around his body.”


Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Share Aftermath of Shocking Fireplace Explosion

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos' fireplace exploded on Saturday, and the Live With Kelly and Ryan co-host took to Instagram to show the messy aftermath.
In the picture, the couple is leaning down, picking up the glass that shattered around their fireplace.
"When the fireplace explodes and you literally have no idea what to do. Grab the sleds and the cookie sheets? ????????????????," Ripa captioned the snap, tagging her husband. Thankfully, it seemed as if no one was hurt.
Ripa also posted a video on her Instagram Stories, describing what happened.
"This is crazy. Shattered glass everywhere, everywhere," the TV personality shared. "It's literally everywhere."
"The glass exploded on the spark guard," Consuelos explained as he vacuumed the mess. "It got too hot."
The day before, Ripa shared a silly daughter-approved family holiday pic. The couple has three children together, Michael, 20, Lola, 16, and Joaquin, 14.


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