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Blake Watson

The things you have heard about me are all true.

It is true that I lived in a cave for a summer in the hills of the Serengeti after being gifted a wife by a local tribe's leader. It is true that I own three sports cars and rent five and that I taught a horse to read my e-mail for me.

I almost broke the land speed record in 2008. Popular opinion amongst my team was that my beard caused too much wind resistance. I would have shaved it I wouldn't have. Anyway, the women seemed to like it and I was a featured guest at a charity bachelor auction that very night. It seems, I recall, that I brought in over 13 million Lira, which was quite a large sum at the time. But forgive me, I digress.

I fell in love with Micheladas after my short stay in jail in Guadalajara. In fact, I returned every Thursday after I was sprung to play canasta with some of the guards. I express reservations.

I usually avoid the public limelight after my fling with the Princess of Mylonia of Angla caused such a spectacle. But after being bested by William in a vigorous fencing match, it became clear to me that he was not man to say no to, so I accepted. Of course, the 50 cases of lager he delivered to my bungalow didn't hurt.

So, allow me to introduce myself, I am Blake Watson.
On-Air Schedule
Monday 06:00am - 09:59am STAR101 Morning Show
Tuesday 06:00am - 09:59am STAR101 Morning Show
Wednesday 06:00am - 09:59am STAR101 Morning Show
Thursday 06:00am - 09:59am STAR101 Morning Show
Friday 06:00am - 09:59am STAR101 Morning Show

The Real Joe Cruz

With 7 years as an on air personality, making listeners smile and laugh and sending good vibrations to the people of Guam, "The Real Joe Cruz" was given that name because he stands out in a million Joe Cruz's. With the way he interacts on the radio and in public, you'd feel like you've known him all your life and like he's your best friend. He will infect you with laughter, love, and great music. The Real Joe speaks from his heart to do what he loves--make you happy every show every day.
On-Air Schedule
Monday 10:00am - 01:59pm STAR101 Midday Show
Tuesday 10:00am - 01:59pm STAR101 Midday Show
Wednesday 10:00am - 01:59pm STAR101 Midday Show
Thursday 10:00am - 01:59pm STAR101 Midday Show
Friday 10:00am - 01:59pm STAR101 Midday Show

Aaron Tamayo

Son, brother, prim, main nino to your next neni, wearer of sneakers, holder of doors for ladies and man'amko, Bow tie supporter, fried chicken inhaler, “Big Trouble in Little China” sequel advocate, Moonwalk white belt, penny picker upper and doesn't use straws becauase he ain't no sucka!

In his spare time, Aaron managed to start working in radio in 2004 at Hit Radio 100 as their morning and afternoon traffic reporter. His first show was on the weekends from noon to 6 pm. Aaron quickly rose to popularity with the listeners and was promoted to full-time in the evenings. It wasn't long before he was hosting the afternoon show weekdays from 2 – 6 pm.

SMG lured Aaron away from Hit Radio 100 and he spent the next few years doing afternoons on The KAT. Aaron is a two-time Island Music Awards winner, and four time Poetry Slam winner. His level of energy is boundless and he was constantly hosting gigs on the weekends, keeping the crowds pumped and excited.

Aaron took a break from radio to work at the family business, Anthony’s Auto Air Conditioning, something he still does. But, while you can take the boy out of radio, you can’t take the need to do some radio out of the boy and Aaron has returned to host afternoons on STAR 101.

During his 12 years in radio, Aaron has earned a reputation as one of the island’s best commercial production talents. In addition to holding it down in the afternoons on the STAR, Aaron will be turning out some of the most creative commercial and promotional ads to ever hit the air waves.
On-Air Schedule
Monday 02:00pm - 05:59pm STAR101 Afternoon Show
Tuesday 02:00pm - 05:59pm STAR101 Afternoon Show
Wednesday 02:00pm - 05:59pm STAR101 Afternoon Show
Thursday 02:00pm - 05:59pm STAR101 Afternoon Show
Friday 02:00pm - 05:59pm STAR101 Afternoon Show

Asia Pop 40

On-Air Schedule
Sunday 07:00pm - 09:59pm Asia Pop 40
Saturday 11:00am - 01:59pm Asia Pop 40

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